Dana White on Chances of Ronda Rousey vs. ‘Cyborg’ Justino Superfight: ‘Slim to None’

Written by Tom Ngo
September 30th, 2013

Cyborg Santos

Last year, Cris “Cyborg” Justino (pictured) agreed to let Tito Ortiz serve as her manager after she signed with his Primetime 360 Entertainment & Sports Management, Inc. According to UFC president Dana White, willingly inking her autograph on that contract was biggest mistake of her professional career.

Forget about whether Cyborg can actually shed the 10 pounds the UFC is requiring her to in order to challenge UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey in the biggest female fight in MMA history. White – who has never been shy about sharing his utter hatred for Ortiz, and has now gotten to the point where he won’t even mention his former UFC light heavyweight champ by name – says Ortiz’s involvement in Cyborg’s career is the primary roadblock in arranging the superfight.

“Slim to none,” White said Sunday of the UFC hosting Rousey vs. Cyborg. “She’s got a dummy running her business, who can’t run his own business. And apparently, [he’s] filling her full of … the last thing I would do, ever, is do anything with that knucklehead. I’m not taking about Cyborg, [I’m referring to her manager].

“She literally committed professional suicide [when she signed with him]. I mean, the dumbest guy in the sport – literally, LIT-ER-ALLY THE DUMBEST GUY IN THE SPORT – who has destroyed his own career, she has him guiding her career. It makes no sense.”

It didn’t take Ortiz long to make his first dubious move as Cyborg’s manager when he immediately requested for his client to get released from her UFC contract (the UFC inherited Cyborg’s deal when they acquired Strikeforce).

Ortiz claimed the UFC offered Cyborg a lucrative contract, but they wanted to “stick her over at Invicta.” Shortly after being granted her release, Ortiz announced Cyborg had come to terms with, wait for it, Invicta…

Cyborg has since gone on to become Invicta’s inaugural featherweight champion, while Rousey has defended her UFC throne once en route to becoming one of the sport’s biggest mainstream stars. Although Team Ortiz still have their sights set on facing Rousey, the UFC has remained adamant that they will only offer the bantamweight division for women and that a 140-pound catchweight contest between the ladies doesn’t make sense for them.

According to White, it’s long overdue for Cyborg to lose 10 pounds, and she can start with dropping the 205-pounder that’s spearheading her career right into the ground.

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