Chuck Liddell: Georges St-Pierre Plays it Safe and is Not Exciting to Watch

Written by Tom Ngo
October 2nd, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

You can now add former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell to the growing number of people who aren’t too fond of reigning UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre’s (pictured) wrestling-dominated game plan.

While appearing as a guest on ESPN’s “SportsNation,” Liddell addressed GSP’s predictable strategy that fans have been griping about for years – particularly since he was beat by Matt Serra at UFC 69 in 2007, which remains arguably the biggest upset in MMA history.

“I think some people make complaints about some of the champions playing it safe, some of the guys playing it safe,” Liddell expressed. “I understand it, but I don’t want to watch it. I think St-Pierre is a great fighter. He’s awesome. I just don’t like watching [St-Pierre] play safe, I mean, fight safe. I mean against [Nick] Diaz he spiral rode him for half the fight. I don’t like watching that.

“Now, for him to able to do that to guys that are at that level is impressive, but it’s not exciting to me. And the way they choose to fight. I mean, ‘I’ve been beating this guy up for four rounds, I’m still just gonna win the last round. I’m not gonna try to finish him. I’m not gonna go after him. I’m not gonna take any risks.'”

St-Pierre has rattled off 11 consecutive victories en route to reclaiming his throne since getting TKO’d by Serra. Eight of those wins came via unanimous decision, including his last six.

While Liddell was critical of GSP’s less than thrilling style, he completely understands that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

“Now, from a coaching standpoint and a manager’s standpoint, I understand,” Liddell added. “It’s big money now. But from a fan’s standpoint, I don’t want to watch it. Unless I think he’s fighting someone that can make him fight. I actually think this next fight coming up, I’m excited, he’s fighting Johny Hendricks and I think Hendricks is going to make him fight.”

St-Pierre looks to score his ninth straight title defense when he faces Hendricks at UFC 167. If “The Iceman” is going to watch, especially after thrashing GSP on national TV, you might as well drop $54.95 on the pay-per-view, as well.


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