Roy Nelson’s ‘Nasty, Ratty, Disgusting Beard’ Stays for UFC 166

Written by Tom Ngo
October 16th, 2013

UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson

Sorry, Dana White. The “long, nasty, ratty, disgusting” beard that Roy Nelson (pictured) dons, which you happen to love so much, will be on full display at UFC 166.

Last month, the UFC president said if he had his way, Nelson’s facial hair would be trimmed to a “normal” length for Saturday’s scrap against Daniel Cormier. “DC” agreed wholeheartedly with White’s stance.

“Who would want that thing laying on their face? Seriously? That long, nasty, ratty looking thing in your mouth, rubbing on your face? It’s ridiculous,” White previously stated. “They shouldn’t be allowed to have beards that big. If you want a beard, trim that thing down and make it look normal. It’s disgusting.”

However, White admitted that “Big Country’s” beard was out of his hands and if Cormier wanted something done about, he’d have to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the athletic commission that is overseeing UFC 166.

As it turns out, Cormier did submit a request to the committee. Unfortunately for Cormier and White, it was reported on this week’s edition of “UFC Tonight” that the commission doesn’t regulate matters such as facial hygiene.

Therefore, Nelson’s ZZ Top-inspired beard is here to stay. It’s possible Nelson could trim his facial hair prior to Saturday’s fight, but why would he? He’s already entering the Octagon with a slight mental victory.

He and Cormier co-headline UFC 166 inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

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