Dana White Addresses Conor McGregor’s Controversial Tweet

Written by Tom Ngo
October 17th, 2013

UFC Conor McGregor

As my old sales manager used to love to say, “Sometimes common sense isn’t so common.” Unfortunately for UFC president Dana White, that’s a burden he must bare with some of his fighters who aren’t able to censor themselves on Twitter.

The UFC’s latest offender is skyrocketing featherweight Conor McGregor (pictured), who referenced a three-way sex session with fellow fighters Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate on Monday.

A fan asked McGregor who he would prefer for “one night before the world ends…Ronda or Miesha?” He responded with, “One riidin dick, one lickin ma toessssss.”

McGregor promptly issued an apology for his inappropriate post on his own accord. However, White was still none too pleased with McGregor for stealing a line from Dr. Dre’s “Let’s Get High” to answer the question.

“When I found out about that, I reached out to him, and he had already written an apology,” White said Thursday. “He’s a young kid that made a real dumb tweet. He apologized. I had talked to Miesha and Ronda, both of them were like, ‘Yeah, whatever. Not a big deal.’

“He likes both of them, respects them. These guys try to be f****** funny on Twitter.”

Strangely, White claims McGregor would like to train with Rousey. However, posting sexually-laced messages on Twitter is not the way to get in the “Rowdy” one’s gym.

“The crazy part is, he’s been trying to hit Ronda up, he wants to go train with Ronda,” White said of McGregor. “And then you’re gonna send a tweet like that with somebody you want to hang out with and train with, it just makes no sense.

“I don’t expect people to be f****** rocket scientists here.We’re not gonna go out and find a cure for cancer or anything, all I ask for is a little common sense. Just a little tiny bit of f****** common sense.”

The UFC previously fined and suspended Matt Mitrione and Nate Diaz for making derogatory remarks towards the LGBT community. McGregor won’t face the same punishment.

McGregor will be sitting the sidelines until at least next June with a torn ACL. The bright side is, it gives him plenty of time to get the common sense thing down to please his boss.

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