Dana White Trashes Roy Nelson Ahead of UFC 166 … Again

Written by Tom Ngo
October 18th, 2013

UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson

It’s no secret heavyweight Roy Nelson (pictured) and UFC president Dana White aren’t BFFs. White has trashed Nelson for his weight, entrance music, “disgusting beard,” lack of intelligence, etc.

On Thursday, White really railed on Nelson for how he handled himself before signing his UFC contract extension.

After putting Cheick Kongo to sleep in April for his third consecutive win by knockout, Nelson quickly accepted a fight against Stipe Miocic just two months later. The reason for the fast turnaround was because the UFC was under the gun to get Nelson a bout before his contract expired. 

Nelson wasn’t about to give the UFC an extension on the deadline, and he wasn’t going to ink a new deal prior to meeting Miocic because he wanted to roll the dice on himself. Another impressive finish would only strengthen his power at the negotiating table.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way against Miocic and he entered free agency in a far worse position than if he would have signed before meeting the Croatian. While most can agree with Nelson’s thought process, White didn’t appreciate how he went about his business.

“There’s definitely some different money with some guys, if you’re on a big win streak and you lost a couple in a row, you gotta adjust guys’ pay,” White said. “Sometimes, what we’ll do is we’ll do a deal with a guy, ‘If you’re here, you get paid this. If you lose, you go here.’ We usually work that stuff out ahead of time.

“It’s just weird we get in those situations, like Roy rolling the dice. Roy waited until the end of his contract – we owed him a fight, we offered him a fight, and if he didn’t take it we’d have to extend his contract. So, he took the fight instead. I just feel like he played the whole thing the wrong way when he didn’t need to play it that way.

“Roy’s no f******* genius. Roy didn’t know he didn’t even have to take the fight. Roy didn’t even know that. There’s a lot of things Roy doesn’t know.”

Speaking of things Nelson was oblivious to…

“You realize Roy came onto ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and had a f****** contract with another promoter and didn’t know it,” White said in closing. “Did you know that? Yeah, I had to buy that other promoter out, during the f****** Ultimate Fighter. That’s how smart Roy Nelson is. And I could go on for days. Roy Nelson cost me a lot of money.”

Nelson breaks in his new deal Saturday against another one of his admirers, Daniel Cormier, at UFC 166.

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