Dana White and Bjorn Rebney Continue Verbal Warfare on ‘Karma’

Written by Tom Ngo
November 5th, 2013

Bellator Bjorn Rebney

When this heated feud between the UFC and Bellator eventually comes to an end – and best believe it will conclude in the UFC’s favor, because every other organization that has dared to step in front of MMA’s premier mixed martial arts promotion has resulted in roadkill – the first word that will come to mind is karma.

Kind of like how it’s impossible to discuss Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen without bringing up “medium rare.”

UFC president Dana White kicked things off by tweeting, “Oh boy KARMA is a BITCH :),” minutes after Bellator was forced to cancel their pay-per-view debut at the 11th hour due to injury.

Bellator subsequently hosted a thrilling main event between Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez for free on Spike TV, another one of White’s rivals. Alvarez, who was in a bitter contract dispute with Bellator prior to Saturday’s upset victory, had Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney (pictured) shaking his head in disapproval after he was awarded a split decision victory over Bellator’s golden boy.

White took notice and immediately threw salt on the wound. “I’m hearing Djork oops Bjork got served a big fat plate of Karma tonight :) Congrats Eddie!!” White tweeted.

On Tuesday, Spike announced Saturday’s card peaked at 1.4 million viewers, the most they have ever done with Bellator.

Guess who was quick to thumb out a tweet this time?

“@danawhite If Fight of the Year & 10 times better ratings than you did on your last televised show is Karma, bring me another plate,” Rebney posted on Twitter this afternoon.

White, who was preparing to host an event for our troops at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, didn’t want to respond to Rebney’s post. And then he did just that.

“No, I have no comment on that,” White said during Tuesday’s conference call of Rebney’s barb. “When I sent that karma text, everybody knows what I was talking about. He tried to f*** this kid (Eddie Alvarez), and then he loses.

“What was he shaking his head about if he was so f****** pumped about his evening? If his evening was that wonderful and he was so pumped about it, why was he back there shaking his head and looked like he wanted to f****** kill himself?”

Your move, Bjorn…

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