Rony ‘Jason’ Goes to Hospital After Punching Wall Following KO Loss

Written by Tom Ngo
November 9th, 2013
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UFC TUF Brazil Rony Jason Mariano

Remember when former Washington Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte concussed himself when he celebrated a touchdown by willingly ramming his head into a padded wall? If not, simply enter “Gus Frerotte” in YouTube’s search menu and “Gus Frerotte Headbutt” is the first option that automatically shows up on the drop-down list. True story.

Well, UFC featherweight Rony “Jason” Mariano (pictured) committed a similar act Saturday night – except Jason sent his arm through the wall and he did it after a highlight reel knockout loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32.

“He punched a wall, and had to be transported to the hospital. That’s what happened,” UFC president Dana White shared at the post-fight press conference while giggling. “He punched his arm through the wall and he sliced the back of his arm wide open and had to go [get] stitches. I don’t know how deep it is or how serious it is.

“This stuff happens, man. Especially young guys, a big loss like that, and a devastating loss like that, you do stupid stuff sometimes. I don’t think he expected to slice his arm open and get hurt … it happens.”

Jason was riding an eight-fight winning streak into tonight’s shootout, with his last three victories coming in the UFC. The Brazilian’s professional record dropped to 13-4 after using his face to block Stephen’s skin.

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