Rony ‘Jason’ Issued 30-Day Suspension for Punching Door After KO Loss

Written by Tom Ngo
November 12th, 2013

UFC TUF Brazil Rony Jason Mariano

What, so you think you can just punch a door in anger after getting knocked out cold by Jeremy Stephens, tear up your own arm, gush blood everywhere backstage, get rushed to the hospital, have doctors put 15 stitches in your arm to close up the gash and think there won’t be any repercussions?

Rony “Jason” Mariano (pictured), this is your life.

The Comissão Atlética Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), the committee who oversaw Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 32 event in Brazil, has suspended Jason 30 days for his post-fight behavior.

Jason’s “anti-sportsmanship conduct” ban will be enforced after his 180-day medical suspension is fulfilled. Therefore, the featherweight could be riding the pine until June 2014.

However, CABMMA didn’t provide details regarding Jason’s medical ban yesterday. If he’s able to return from that sooner with a doctor’s note, Jason’s misconduct suspension could begin earlier.

UFC president Dana White wasn’t upset with Jason’s antics when retelling the tale at the post-fight press conference, playing it off as a boys-will-be-boys incident.

“This stuff happens, man,” White said. “Especially young guys, a big loss like that, and a devastating loss like that, you do stupid stuff sometimes. I don’t think he expected to slice his arm open and get hurt … it happens.”

(Updated 11/13/13 at 9:08AM PT)

White captured Jason punching the door in his latest video blog. Click HERE for the footage.

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