Couture and White are Copasetic

Written by Tom Ngo
September 2nd, 2008

After 11 months of agony, UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and the UFC, more specifically, UFC President Dana White, have officially put an end to their bitter separation, deciding that they are better off together than apart. Couture resigned from his post as champion last October, deciding to take the fight to the courtroom instead of the Octagon. White states that the two have now resolved all of their issues.

“We had some problems with Randy,” White stated on yesterday’s conference call. “We’ve resolved them all. He has always been the heavyweight champion of the UFC. It took us some time to get everything straight, but I think we’re all good now and ready to move forward.”

What made the reconciliation much easier was that throughout the entire ordeal, neither side took the disagreement outside of the root cause of the matter; it was always about business.

“I think everybody knows my personality and how I get,” White stated. “When I don’t like somebody, I make it very clear that I don’t like them. … Through this whole thing, I never hated Randy or said anything really bad about Randy.”

“The worst thing I think I said about Randy through this whole thing,” White tried to recall. “I think I called him confused. That’s it. That’s pretty mild for me. I like Randy. I always have. This whole thing never made sense to me.”

In fact, the two always kept it cordial when they crossed paths, like when a Couture trained Forrest Griffin defeated Quinton Rampage Jackson for the lightweight title at UFC 86, there was Couture and White, within a foot of each other, exchanging smiles in the Octagon as Griffin celebrated his accomplishment.

Today, fans are celebrating the return of one of the most beloved MMA fighters of all time. Couture has always been class personified, inside and outside of the ring, and he will be resuming his career at UFC 91 against a very tough up and comer in Brock Lesnar.

It is unsure how much longer the 45-year old Couture will be able to fight at this level, or how he will look inside the Octagon cages when the last of this three-fight deal concludes. However, the key is, at least we will get to see for ourselves.

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