Johny Hendricks Post Pic of Sore Hands After Controversial UFC 167 Loss

Written by Tom Ngo
November 17th, 2013

Johny Hendricks Hands

Johny Hendricks may have been robbed of a decision win for the welterweight title at UFC 167, but he can blame the Nevada State Athletic Commission for it. However, Hendricks’ hands are sore, and he can thank Georges St-Pierre’s face for that. 

“Man hands are a little sore after last nights fights. But u should see the other guy lol,” Hendricks tweeted Sunday morning with the above image.

Hendricks isn’t lying in his second sentence. St-Pierre’s mug was busted up, requiring multiple stitches to close up various gashes. On the flipside, “Bigg Rigg’s” face didn’t have a single mark on it after their 25-minute shootout.

UFC president Dana White claimed the only fighter whose face was more battered than St-Pierre’s mug was after heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez mauled Junior dos Santos.

White didn’t specify which assault Velasquez laid on dos Santos. They were bad on both occasions, as dos Santos was unrecognizable after each beating.

While Hendricks’ haymakers are sore, they’re not nearly as painful as his broken heart. Nearly everyone in the MMA world thought he should be taking the UFC welterweight crown back home with him.

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