Did Johny Hendricks Tap Against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167?

Written by Tim Ngo
November 17th, 2013

UFC Johny Hendricks

Did you hear about the drama surrounding UFC 167 on Saturday night? No, not that Johny Hendricks (pictured) was (probably) robbed of a decision victory over reigning welterweight king Georges St-Pierre.

No, not that GSP unexpectedly announced he’ll be taking a leave from MMA after the controversial split decision verdict was rendered in his favor.

That the bout never should have been decided by the three judges sitting Octagon-side in the first place because Hendricks tapped out in the opening round.

Or did he?

Just seconds into their shootout, St-Pierre secured a takedown and attempted a guillotine choke. It appears as though Hendricks may have lightly tapped GSP’s hip three times.

It’s really tough to tell based on the GIF below. It could just be a glitch in the GIF, but I will say it’s certainly an odd hand motion to make during a fight if he wasn’t tapping.

I certainly did not see it during live action. UFC commentators Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan didn’t mention it. Most importantly, referee Mario Yamasaki didn’t notice it.

You be the judge:


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