Dana White Doesn’t Approve of Donald Cerrone’s Featherweight Ambitions

Written by Tom Ngo
November 19th, 2013

It’s no secret UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone (pictured) is a wild man – inside and outside of the cage. Fans have witnessed Cerrone’s destruction in the Octagon for years, and the daring 30-year-old has also made no secret about pushing his body to the limits when he’s not fighting.

Between bull riding, wakeboarding, dirt biking and all the other crazy things he partakes in that would get his contract voided if he participated in any other professional sport, it’s no surprise Cerrone named his bull who competes in PBR “Don’t Tell Dana” after UFC president Dana White.

Despite White’s pleas for Cerrone to tone down the extreme activities, “Cowboy” never listens. That’s why White believes Cerrone will make the drop to featherweight.

“I don’t like the 145 [pound] thing,” White said following Cerrone’s submission win over Evan Dunham at UFC 167. “I’ve seen that kid cut weight before and have horrible weight cuts at ’55. You’ve heard me say a million times I don’t care, that these kids can do what they want, I don’t want that kid going to 145.

“Get f****** [Mike] Dolce, get anybody you want to. Nobody’s going to make that 145 cut a healthy cut. There’s no way. I don’t like it.”

Cerrone has a lanky frame for a lightweight, so White’s concerned he’ll be all skin and bones if he tries to shed another 10 pounds, which Cerrone said he intended to do for his next outing. He’s alternated between wins and losses over his past five bouts, so perhaps Cerrone is thinking a change of scenery might improve his shot at getting a title fight.

If that’s his rationale, White isn’t on the same wavelength.

“The kid is shredded,” White said in closing. “He doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. He has grueling cuts at ’55. There’s no way he should cut to ’45. Not that this kid listens to anything I f****** tell him to do, anyway. But I don’t like it, and I don’t want him to do it.”

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