Conor McGregor and Diego Sanchez Exchange Insults on Twitter

Written by Tom Ngo
November 27th, 2013

UFC Conor McGregor

The war of words is heating up between UFC stars Conor McGregor (pictured) and Diego Sanchez. Good thing they’re both sitting behind computer monitors flinging their insults, otherwise this could get really nasty.

McGregor will be sitting the sidelines until at least next June with a torn ACL, but that hasn’t stopped fighters from requesting a tango with Dana White’s latest golden boy. Sanchez took to Twitter again on Tuesday to call out “Notorious.”

And of course, McGregor, who has plenty of time on his hands, was quick to respond.

Sanchez: @TheNotoriousMMA @danawhite I’m up next in Dallas Texas in March let me know if you want to get #KTFO ? Your all talk #challengeisout

Sanchez: @TheNotoriousMMA @danawhite see talks s*** but when the challenge is laid out he crawls back into his little shell. #dallas #letsdoit

McGregor: @DiegoSanchezUFC @danawhite You brain dead, stuttering fool. Read the fine print. And put your bib on so you don’t drool on my tweets.

McGregor: @DiegoSanchez UFC Only reason you haven’t been cut 2 Bellator, with the other has-beens, is because you defend shots with your nose. 0-4 #CUT

McGregor: @DiegoSanchezUFC My comeback fight will be Dublin next year. Its a done deal. McGregor Vs Sanchez. Ireland Vs Mexico. @danawhite Lets do it.

Although it hasn’t been officially announced, it appears Sanchez is expecting to perform when the UFC returns to Texas in March. It has been rumored the UFC won’t host another show in Ireland until hometown hero McGregor can star in it, which won’t be until the summer of 2014.

If that’s the case, Sanchez will likely meet a different opponent in the Lone Star State, and if he’s victorious, could get his wish to face McGregor shortly after.

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