UFC 88 “Breakthrough” Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
September 6th, 2008

UFC 88 “Breakthrough” is underway at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will be the UFC’s first ever promotion in the dirty south, and will feature the light heavyweight match-up between former UFC champion Chuck Liddell taking on the undefeated Rashad Evans.

The welterweight bout between Karo Parisyan and Yoshiyuki Yoshida has been canceled due to an injuries.

Preliminary Bouts:

Ryo Chonan def. Roan Carneiro via Split Decision
Jason MacDonald def. Jason Lambert via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:20 in the 2ndRound
Tim Boetsch def. Mike Patt via TKO (Strikes) at 2:03 in the 1stRound
Kurt Pellegrino def. Thiago Tavares via Unanimous Decision

Main Bouts:

Dong Hyun Kim def. Matt Brown via Split Decision

1stRound: The fight started out with Kim attempting a couple of takedowns and taking Brown’s back on multiple occasions with a good attempt at a rear naked choke, but Brown was able to escape and attempt a rear naked choke of his own. The round ends as Kim takes Brown’s back again.
* Dong Hyun Kim takes the 1stRound 10-9

2ndRound: Brown begins to expose Kim’s conditioning as he is able to push the pace on Kim and avoids a takedown attempt and end up back on his feet as he pushes Kim against the cage. Brown starts to ground-and-pound as Kim willingly lays on his back until Brown backs off and forces the fight back to his feet. The striking game has clearly gone to Brown’s advantage with Kim’s conditioning getting worse and worse as the round ends.
* Matt Brown easily takes the 2ndRound 10-9

3rdRound: Not much is taking place to start the 3rdRound until Kim is able to sweep Matt Brown and land in side control, but during an attempt to get into the full-mount, Brown was able to push Kim off and get back to his feet. Kim was able to land a beautiful swinging right elbow and score a takedown on Brown. Not a whole lot of action taking place on the ground until Kim lands a couple of elbows on Brown’s face that opens up a cut on his face.
* Dong Hyun Kim wins the 3rdRound 10-9

Nate Marquardt def. Martin Kampmann via TKO (Strikes) at 1:22 in the 1stRound

1stRound: Martin Kampmann starts off with a nice right hook but a high legkick by Marquardt buckled Kampmann’s knees and Marquardt continued to attack a very tough Kampmann until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Dan Henderson def. Rousimar Palhares via Unanimous Decision

1stRound: Both Henderson and Palhares star the fight very tentatively with Henderson landing a big right hand that rocked Palhares but Henderson smartly backs off and avoids the ground. Palhares was abl to land a nice body kick and a couple of punches but nothing too damaging. Palhares bullrushes Henderson towards the end of the 1stRound and get into Henderson’s half-guard as the round end.
* Dan Henderson narrowly wins the 1stRound 10-9

2ndRound: Palhares scores a big slam takedown on Dan Henderson at the start of the round and was able to get a heel-hook attempt but Henderson was able to spin his way out of it. It’s obvious that Henderson wants to avoid the ground at all costs as he’s attacking from the outside while both fighters are on their feet.
* Rousimar Palhares steals the 2ndRound 10-9

3rdRound: Both fighters are still very tentative to start the 3rdRound with both swinging for the fences when they finally do engage. Henderson starts to land some straight left jabs towards the end of the round and avoids a nice takedown attempt by Palhares. Dan Henderson nearly falls into another heel-hook attempt towards the end of the round while tying to take Palhares’ head off.
* Dan Henderson wins the 3rdRound 10-9

Rich Franklin def. Matt Hamill via TKO (Strikes) at 0:39 in the 3rdRound
1stRound: Rich Franklin shows his superior striking ability as he lands numerous leg kicks on Hamill as Hamill is still feeling Franklin out. Somehow Hamill is able to open up a cut above Franklin’s eye and finally gets a takedown with a minute to go in the round. Franklin attempts an armbar submission but is able to escape and eats a knee on his way back up. Franklin ends the round with a nice flurry.
* Rich Franklin takes the 1stRound 10-9

2ndRound: It looks as though Hamill is trying to counter-strike against a much better striker in Franklin. Everytime that Hamill attempts a takedown attempt, Franklin is making him pay for it. Franklin starts to land a couple of left leg kicks to Hamill’s face but Hamill keeps pushing forward. Hamill begins to chase after Franklin but he eats some punches along the way. Franklin continues to look to be too elusive for Hamill as he keeps eating Franklin’s strikes.
* Rich Franklin dominates the 2ndRound 10-9

3rdRound: Rich Franklin lands a beautiful leg kick to Matt Hamill’s body that hurts Hamill badly as he lands in a defenseless position as the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Rashad Evans def. Chuck Liddell via KO (Punch) at 1:51 in the 2ndRound

1stRound: Counter-striking seems to be the plan for both Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans as the 1stRound starts to expire. Liddell has landed a couple of punches to Evans’ face which prompts Evans to showboat a little bit. Evans is starting to throw some leg kicks, which was the gameplan that Evans’ teammate Keith Jardine used to beat Liddell.
* Chuck Liddell takes the 1stRound 10-9

2ndRound: Rashad Evans is doing a good job at making Liddell chase him as he is able to land a couple of good punches to Liddell’s face. Evans is starting to gain more confidence as a few more of his strikes are starting to land and he knocks out Chuck Liddell with a right hook that absolutely knocks out Liddell as Liddell is shown laying flat on his face.

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