Dana White Reacts to Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva’s Flunked Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
December 17th, 2013

UFC Dana White

Disappointment, surprise, anger, indifference are among some of the emotions MMA fans felt Tuesday night when it was reported UFC heavyweight Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva flunked his post-fight drug test for elevated levels of testosterone.

UFC president Dana White was simply feeling sad. How sad? Sad face sad.

” 🙁 . Loved that fight!!!! Mark Hunt is a BAD ASS,” White posted on his Twitter account.

Well, at least White didn’t add tears to his sad face.

Silva and Mark Hunt set the MMA world on fire earlier this month with their epic war, and nobody was more jacked up by the instant classic than White. Roots of Fight even made him the shirt he wore during last Saturday’s UFC of FOX 9 weigh-ins (above pic) promoting a rematch between the heavyweights.

Furthermore, White was so thrilled with their scrap that he awarded both athletes with their win bonuses even though their 25-minute affair was ruled a majority draw. It’s safe to say that Silva won’t be seeing that paycheck in this lifetime.

Now, Silva has White making sad faces because he couldn’t keep his testosterone levels under the permitted limit, despite being granted a therapeutic-use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for the shootout. But, of course, it wasn’t Silva’s fault.

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