Ronda Rousey’s Live Reaction to Anderson Silva’s Broken Leg (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
December 29th, 2013

Ronda Rousey

“Oh, that’s f****** nasty,” is what I said after seeing Anderson Silva snap his left shin in two against middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey (pictured), who was less than 30 minutes removed from submitting Miesha Tate in the show’s co-main event, was taking in the fight backstage with her team and had a similar reaction as most of the MMA world.

Silva’s broken leg was as gruesome as it gets in professional sports, but for some inexplicable reason I thought fighters would be more accustomed to seeing something like that and wouldn’t be as shocked. Clearly, they are no more immune than I.

Even Rousey’s tough-as-nails mom (sitting over her right shoulder), who I believe can scare ghosts away with her trademark intimidating stare, couldn’t help but cover her eyes.

Just in case you missed it, Weidman checked a kick and Silva’s shin went in opposite directions. “The Spider” was rushed to the hospital and had successful surgery late last night. The 38-year-old is facing a six to eight month recovery period.

Props to Rener Gracie, that’s his face and nostril at the bottom left corner of the clip, for posting the video on his Instagram.

Please click the media player below to watch Rousey and her team react to Silva’s leg:

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