Michael Bisping Responds to Tim Kennedy’s ‘Bout Agreement’

Written by Tom Ngo
January 2nd, 2014

UFC Michael Bisping

While most people were busy getting their pre-party on this New Year’s Eve, UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy was sitting in front of his computer drawing up a fake bout agreement to fight Michael Bisping (pictured) – any time, any place, anywhere. 

Here is what Kennedy posted on his Twitter account over the holiday:

“OPPONENT means Michelle Bisping (he he) unless he is injured (which is likely) or otherwise not able to compete, in which case a substitute fighter may be selected by ZUFFA.

BOUT DATE means ANY DATE he actually mans up or such other date as ZUFFA designate, in its sole discretion.
BOUT LOCATION means ANY WHERE (but he will probably only want to fight in the U.K.), or an alternate location selected by ZUFFA, in its sole discretion.

WEIGHT DIVISION means middleweight: 185 lbs. maximum.

NUMBER OF ROUNDS means 5 rounds of (5) minutes each to a decision.”

Kennedy has been campaigning for a scrap with Bisping since putting Rafael Natal to sleep in November. However, the Green Beret’s latest move was by far his most aggressive.

Bisping, who is currently sidelined after undergoing surgery for his detached right retina, has already said Kennedy needs to collect some more credible wins before they collide. Although, that didn’t stop the Brit from responding to Kennedy’s latest call out.

“I’m gonna laugh so hard when I just absolutely walk right through you, you dumb motherf*****!” Bisping responded.

Bisping is hoping to return to action by April. Kennedy, meanwhile, is awaiting his next assignment. Although, everyone knows who sits atop his hit list.

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