Forrest Pulling for Liddell

Written by Tom Ngo
September 6th, 2008

There will be many eyes watching tonight’s all-important UFC light heavyweight bout between former champion Chuck Liddell and the undefeated Rashad Evans.  Liddell will be making a strong case for a title shot with a win, however Evans may need to go through another quality opponent before he gets his crack. As for who the current champ wants to face, it will be Liddell.

“I don’t want to say I want Chuck Liddell to win, but it would probably be better for me if he did,” said Griffin. “OK, I want Chuck Liddell to win. There, I said it.”

However, don’t think that he is calling out the former champion and his former “Ultimate Fighter” coach. It is more for the financial ramifications that would surround that bout. Needless to say, a Griffin/Evans main event would not draw nearly as many Pay-Per-View buys and fan interest as a Griffin/Liddell main event.

“I’m a fan, too,” responded Griffin on the possibility of making the blockbuster fight happen.

In addition, Griffin has already taken on and defeated some of the biggest names in the sport’s most glamorous division. Being able to take on a future UFC Hall of Famer like Liddell would only legitimize his career even more.

“Everybody at this level is really good, but so many guys don’t have huge names,” Griffin said. “For me, it’s easier to get up for a huge fight like that. In a fight like that, I’d go out and do the best I can, and if I lose, oh well.”

Even if Liddell comes up short tonight at UFC 88, there will be no shortage of willing and ready opponents for the UFC to choose from to face the champion. If they feel Evans isn’t ready, there is still undefeated Lyoto Machida (13-0), former PrideFC champion Wanderlei Silva, and possible rematches with Maurico “Shogun” Rua and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“There’s no shortage of work,” Griffin stated.

And if none of those fights interest the UFC, there is also the possibility of reigning middleweight champion Anderson Silva taking a crack at the 205-pound champ. Even though Silva has destroyed all that has crossed his path, including his last bout which was his first at light heavyweight, Griffin would not shy away.

“I’d fight him,” Griffin said. “I can’t possibly do any worse than the guys he’s been fighting. I’d last more than two minutes with him.”

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