Dana White Thinks Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Rant Was ‘Awesome’

Written by Tom Ngo
January 22nd, 2014

UFC President Dana White

Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman is catching plenty of flak for going off on Michael Crabtree after breaking up a game-winning pass in the end zone in Sunday’s NFC Championship game. Sherman’s epic rant has been likened to something you’d hear from a WWE superstar promoting his next fight.

Speaking of fighting, UFC president Dana White couldn’t have been more entertained by Sherman’s tirade. In fact, White wishes his beloved New England Patriots showed as much fire in their loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game hours earlier.

“As far as the Richard Sherman thing goes, that was awesome!” White stated on Tuesday’s edition of 790’s “The Ticket” radio show. “The guy has probably been playing football since he was eight years old, dreamed of going to the Super Bowl and goes head-to-head against the guy who was trash talking him and pulls off, in my opinion, the best play of the game and sends his team to the Super Bowl. Because that would have been a touchdown pass.

“He was fired up, and he got on TV and let everyone [know about]. I wish the Patriots were that fired up that day.”

Sherman has since apologized for his post-game remarks.

Of course, arguably White’s biggest mainstream star is also no stranger to unsportsmanlike behavior following an emotional victory. Reigning UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey was blasted by fans and media alike for refusing to shake Miesha Tate’s hand after submitting her archenemy at UFC 168.

Since White didn’t have a problem with Sherman’s antics, don’t expect for him to have one with Rousey’s. In fact, White didn’t even bother talking to “Rowdy” about being a poor winner.

“Nope,” White responded when asked if he had a chat with Rousey about the incident. “That’s her own decision. It’s not about being an ungracious winner. It’s about, the fact that, Ronda said it best, Ronda said, ‘I didn’t like her before the fight, I definitely don’t like her after the fight and nobody is going to boo me into liking her or shaking her hand. Period. End of story.’

“Ronda is mean and nasty. That’s who she is and she could care less what anyone thinks.”

I wonder if White’s reaction to Sherman’s outburst would have been different had his Pats had made the Super Bowl to play against Sherman’s Seahawks?

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