Ronda Rousey Responds to Jon Jones’ Suggestion of UFC Favoritism

Written by Tom Ngo
February 12th, 2014

UFC Ronda Rousey

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (pictured) is on UFC president Dana White’s good side. Light heavyweight king Jon Jones, however, feels like he’s on the outside looking in.

In a recent interview with BloodyElbow, Jones, despite being the promotion’s most decorated 205-pound champ, said the UFC favors Rousey which has significantly helped “Rowdy” build her brand. For example, Rousey just inked deals to play the female leads in the highly-anticipated “Entourage” movie and “Athena Project.”

“We don’t always see eye to eye with the UFC,” Jones stated. “So I don’t know if they are always necessarily pushing me and whether that’s a smart idea on their end or not, who knows? I do know that they are pushing Ronda Rousey really hard, and she’s gotten a lot of great opportunities. I don’t know what they’re going to do, but I’m pushing myself all the time so, I’m not really worried.”

During Wednesday’s UFC 170 conference call, Rousey responded to Jones’ comment, and let’s just say, she didn’t necessarily disagree with “Bones'” assessment.

“I don’t know exactly what [Jones] said, but I work really, really hard,” Rousey stated. “I might be getting some help from the UFC now, and I appreciate all their support, but to get to this point there were a lot of spots where I didn’t have any help at all.

“I feel like I’m owed a little bit of help, God dammit. I had to do so much of it alone in the beginning. This is nice. I’m not going to complain about it. They can help me all they want.”

There’s no question Rousey is the UFC’s biggest mainstream star. However, Jones is no bologna sandwich. The 26-year-old is one of the company’s few athletes to have a global sponsorship deal with Nike and their first athlete to don Gatorade’s logo on his fight trunks.

It’s possible that it could have happened before UFC 151, but that’s when Jones likely fell out of favor with Dana White. Because Jones refused to take a last-minute scrap against Chael Sonnen, the UFC was forced to cancel their first show under White’s then-11-year watch. 

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