Felice Herrig Takes Exception to Upcoming UFC Uniforms

Written by Tom Ngo
February 18th, 2014

Invicta Felice Herrig

Considering Felice Herrig (pictured) is coming off a loss, most would think the 9-5 fighter would be counting her lucky stars that the UFC acquired her rights from Invicta FC to join their new strawweight division.

However, with filming for the first all-women’s “The Ultimate Fighter” still months away, Herrig didn’t hesitate from voicing her displeasure in the mandatory UFC uniforms that will soon be making their way to the Octagon.

Herrig, who might be more famous for her risqué selfies on Instagram than for what she’s accomplished as a mixed martial artist, believes the freedom to choose what she wears has helped build her brand, which played a significant part in the UFC inviting her to join TUF in the first place.

Therefore, taking away her perhaps her greatest form of self-expression will also take away from her bank account.

“Ummmm I design and custom make all my weigh in and fight outfits so for me this is a very big deal and a very big part of my brand and image,” Herrig wrote on her Instagram account. “A lot of fighters like myself get paid more money from sponsors and a lot is based on marketability and mother style I bring to weigh ins and also the fights. Taking that away takes a lot away from what they are trying to do as far as getting people hooked to wmma.

“It’s called business and regardless of what some people might think there is a lot more to a fighters business than just the act of them playing their sport.”

UFC president Dana White revealed last week the promotion was working with a major sports apparel company to create uniforms for its athletes. White claimed the standardized outfits would be a way to help fighters who were struggling to obtain sponsors. Exactly how remains to be seen.

No word on when the uniforms will be issued to its fighters. Regardless, don’t expect for Herrig to be rushing to the front of the line to get hers. 

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