Jon Jones Doesn’t Accuse Glover Teixeira of Using Steroids, But …

Written by Tom Ngo
April 15th, 2014

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

When reigning UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones (pictured) revealed he requested for Glover Teixeira and he to receive random drug tests ahead of their UFC 172 shootout, media and fans alike applauded Jones for following in former UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre’s footsteps in wanting to clean up the perceived dirty sport of mixed martial arts.

However, as it turns out, Jones’ desire to receive pop quizzes from the Maryland State Athletic Commission, the committee overseeing their April 27 tango inside Baltimore Arena, wasn’t so much to help blaze the trail in trying to purify all of MMA, but to ensure his impending opponent is clean.

“Some fighters, you just know they’re not on anything just by looking at them,” Jones told ESPN.com. “Part of [Teixeira’s] mystique is his amazing physical strength and I just questioned it. I have no reason to think he’s on steroids, but I do wonder how someone can be so strong.

“I called [UFC president] Dana White and said, ‘Hey, I want Glover to take steroid tests for this fight.’ He asked me, ‘What, you think he’s on steroids?’ I told him I don’t know and I have no reason to accuse him of anything but I would like to be sure.”

Teixeira is 34 years of age, eight years Jones’ senior, and is unbeaten in his last 20 fights – a torrid run the Brazilian ignited in 2006.

None of Jones’ past opponents have flunked their post-fight drug tests following their meetings, but “Bones” is positive some of them were juicing. Despite his suspicions of his fellow light heavyweights, Jones said he won’t insist on all of his future opponents being subjected to random drug screenings.

“Not necessarily,” Jones stated. “I just thought I would have Glover tested because he’s not the youngest fighter and everyone raves about how strong he is.”

From a PR standpoint, Jones would have been better served by saying he’ll demand all of his upcoming foes submit to random drug testing. That way, he still ensures his opponents are clean while giving off the perception that he cares about the purity of MMA as a whole.

No, it’s not Jones’ responsibility to eradicate performance-enhancing drugs from MMA. However, having arguably the sport’s second-biggest star spearhead the charge would certainly help. 

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