Jon Jones Claims Cell Phone Stolen After ‘Hacker’ Makes Homophobic Posts

Written by Tom Ngo
April 16th, 2014

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones1

It has become cliché whenever a celebrity makes a controversial post on a social media outlet to backpedal by saying their account was “hacked” when the public storm hits. Similarly to how the dog constantly ate my homework when I was attending Ralph Emerson Elementary.

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones (pictured) took a slightly more creative route after someone left homophobic posts on his official Instagram account Wednesday by claiming his cell phone was stolen, then hacked.

After catching wind that someone impersonating him on his Instagram called a Swedish male a “fag” several times and stating “homosexuality is a sin,” Jones took to Twitter to reveal he just hooked up his new cell after discovering his initial smartphone went missing.

“Just got a new phone. Changing all of my social media passwords. Apparently I was hacked,” Jones tweeted.

Here’s an image of Jones’ conversation (Courtesy of BloodyElbow):

Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, told reporter Ariel Helwani that his client “lost his phone today, someone got it and began sending derogatory messages on Instagram. Wasn’t him.”

Considering we live in a world where you’re guilty until proven innocent, fans started doing some detective work and noticed Jones posted a selfie four hours after he allegedly went on his Instagram attack.

Well, if someone was that determined to plot and scheme to defame Jones in an Instagram conversation, they could easily thumb to his camera roll, pull up an old picture and post it as if it just happened. So, there’s that defense.

Jones could quickly kill this controversy by posting a copy of his receipt showing the date and time he purchased his new cell phone. If he bought it before the Instagram comments, then it clearly wasn’t him. If it was purchased after – or not at all – then Jones will have some unwanted explaining to do all next week as he promotes his UFC 172 shootout with Glover Teixeira.

“Bones” can save himself a lot of headache during media week by offering up the proof. Your call, Jon.

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