Dana White Fine with Ronda Rousey Calling Cris ‘Cyborg’ an ‘It’

Written by Tom Ngo
April 24th, 2014

UFC Ronda Rousey

If it wasn’t crystal clear before, it certainly is now. UFC president Dana White has Ronda Rousey’s (pictured) back, no matter what.

Rousey ignited a firestorm last week when she told Yahoo! Sports that Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino has transformed from a woman into an “it” due to countless years of steroid abuse.

“This girl has been on steroids for so long and [has been] injecting herself for so long that she’s not even a woman anymore. She’s an ‘it.’ It’s not good for the women’s division. It’s not good at all,” Rousey stated.

Needless to say, Rousey’s comment created quite the stir. However, neither the UFC nor White released a statement trying to clean up Rousey’s mess.

In fact, White only made things worse when he addressed the subject during Thursday’s UFC 172 media day.

“I think that this is the fight business and people say mean things about each other,” White said in Rousey’s defense. “Is it not true? She got busted for taking Winstrol. The same drug that Ben Johnson took and many other athletes took. To do what? To cheat. Well, Ronda called her a f****** cheater.

“She called [Cyborg] an ‘it.’ She called Ronda a chicken. Is Ronda a chicken? Should Ronda be offended by being called a chicken? Grow the f*** up, everybody.”

WE should grow up?

“I said, when I saw her at the MMA Awards, she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels,” White continued. “And she did. Did she not? Who wants to dispute that she didn’t look like Wanderlei? She got up, walked up the stairs jacked up on steroids beyond belief and looked like Wanderlei Silva.”

White actually got up off his seat to imitate a buff person wobbling around when he said that last sentence. True story.

Based off her chiseled physique and ability to overpower all of her opponents, many have suspected Justino of using performance-enhancing substances throughout her nine-year mixed martial arts career. However, the 28-year-old Brazilian has only failed one drug test in 14 pro fights.

Certainly, flunking once is one time too many, but it’s not like Justino has a lengthy track record for abusing steroids in a sport where PED suspicion hovers over the cage like a big black cloud.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to many pundits that White is protecting Rousey from facing the one female that could beat his biggest mainstream draw, with steroids being his biggest excuse.

Rousey defends her bantamweight belt against Alexis Davis at UFC 175 in July. Justino, meanwhile, is sticking to her ambitious plan of defending her Invicta FC featherweight crown in May, drop down to win the bantamweight belt this summer, then challenge Rousey in December.

Unfortunately for Cyborg, she might have to ask Santa for a different Christmas present this year.

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