Brock Lesnar Begs Dana White to Make Pat Barry Retire

Written by Tom Ngo
May 12th, 2014

UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry

Brock Lesnar doesn’t have many friends in this world, and the former UFC heavyweight champion couldn’t care less about that, but one man he does care about is Pat Barry (pictured).

The two must have created quite the bond during their time together at Death Clutch, an MMA team that is no longer in business. According to UFC president Dana White, Lesnar recently reached out to him to beg Barry to leave professional fighting in his rear-view mirror.

“Brock Lesnar called me and begged me to make him retire,” White revealed Saturday following UFC Fight Night 40. “He said, ‘I don’t consider too many people my friend, and I consider Pat Barry a friend. Dana, you’ve got to get this guy to retire.’

“I said, ‘Listen, he’s a grown man, Brock. He’s a grown man. What am I going to do? There’s only so much I can do.'”

After losing five of his last seven UFC bouts, where he was viciously finished in all of those defeats, Barry decided to walk away from the sport earlier this year to return to his first love, kickboxing.

Unfortunately for Barry, he was knocked out cold by Zack Mwekassa in a Glory match earlier this month. While the writing might be plastered all over the wall, Barry is a fighter to his core and White anticipates it won’t be easy to get the 34-year-old to walk away.

“It’s different with guys like Forrest [Griffin] and Chuck [Liddell], guys that I’ve had that relationship with for a long time, and guys who’ve made a lot of money,” White added. “That’s the difference – Forrest and Chuck are multi-millionaires. It’s easy to make them quit. It’s a lot tougher to make a guy quit who has to make a living.

“I don’t want to hurt Barry or throw a monkey wrench in his life or anything, but at the end of the day, it’s state athletic commissions that should step in and help a guy like Pat Barry retire,” he said. “Or the people that care about him.”

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