Bas Rutten Believes Jon Jones is a Dirty Fighter

Written by Tom Ngo
May 14th, 2014

UFC Jon Jones

It appears fans aren’t the only ones who think Jon “Intentional Eye Poker” Jones (pictured) is a dirty fighter. Former UFC heavyweight champion and MMA legend Bas Rutten also accuses Jones of purposely jamming his fingers in Glover Teixeira’s eyes in last month’s unanimous decision victory at UFC 172.

“He is a very calm, relaxed, methodical fighter. Because he is that, I am sorry that I have to say, yes, that is a dirty fighter,” Rutten said of Jones’ tactics on the latest edition of ‘Inside MMA,’ where he serves as co-host. “Maybe when he was looking down and then pushing the fingers in the eye, maybe that’s happened, I didn’t check that. But he knows exactly what he is doing at any given time, and his fingers were definitely in his face.

“And, for a long time he was constantly rubbing them in the face. So, I’m sorry, I have to say yes.”

Jones was issued a verbal warning by referee Dan Miragliotta for keeping his fingers open when reaching out to keep Teixeira at bay. It appeared as though Jones poked the Brazilian in the eyes with his fingers on at least two separate occasions.

Jones was never deducted a point for the infractions.

UFC president Dana White also criticized Jones’ tactic after his win.

“We gotta stop that stuff,” White said during the Fox Sports 2 post-fight show. “The opening of the hands and putting the hands on the face. It’s something bad, but you know, it happens with guys who have reach. They do that a lot.”

Jones released, and subsequently deleted, a video on his official Instagram where he mocked fans for trying to finger him as a dirty competitor.

“Jones put his finger in his eye. Dirtiest fight in MMA,” Jones sobbed while pretending to be a pouting fan.

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