‘UFC 173: Barao vs. Dillashaw’ Live Results and Play-by-Play

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
May 24th, 2014

UFC Poster 173

“UFC 173: Barao vs. Dillashaw” will be jumping off Saturday inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Bantamweight king Renan Barao put his crown up for grabs against TJ Dillashaw in the show’s featured attraction. A light heavyweight shootout between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson served as the co-main event.

In addition, welterweights Robbie Lawler and Jake Ellenberger collided.

Here are the official results and play-by-play from tonight’s action:

Preliminary Card:

(UFC Fight Pass 6:30PM ET/3:30PM PT)

Li Jingliang Defeats David Michaud via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

1stRound: Michaud wins the first exchange with a quick flurry. Li lands a stiff jab, but Michaud is countering well. Inside leg kick for Li. Li drags Michaud to the floor for a brief moment. Michaud connects with an uppercut. Michaud with a big slam to the floor. Li quickly scrambles to reverse the position. Li rises and kicks the legs a few times before settling back into the guard. Tight round to score.

5thRound scores it: Li, 10-9.

2ndRound: Michaud opens with a right hand. Li responds with a right of his own. right hand. Li thwarts a takedown attempt. Li really working the jab. Michaud tags him with a few knees inside, then eats some rights for his efforts. Michaud is dripping blood from his cheek. Li continues to beat him to the punch. Michaud drags him to the mat and takes his back. Li fends off a rear-naked choke try.

5thRound scores it: Li, 10-9.

3rdRound:  Michaud comes out with a greater sense of urgency, but Li fends him off with some more accurate jabs. Li nails him with a standing elbow. Michaud plants him on is his back with a double-leg. Michaud lands some big elbows to the face. Li uses a kimura to sweep his way out and take top position. Michaud goes for a guillotine choke to no avail. Li clocks him with punches just before the horn.

5thRound scores it: Li, 10-9, and should take the scrap, 30-27.

Sam Sicilia Defeats Aaron Phillips via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

1stRound: Sicilia eats a kick to the body to start things off. Sicilia counters with an uppercut inside. Sicilia returns fire with a pair of left hands to the stomach. Sicilia trips him to the canvas. He lets Phillips back up and nails him with huge punches. Sicilia eats a big knee to the body and falls to the ground.Phillips tries to finish him off with guillotine. Sicilia gets loose, but eats a couple upkicks before the round ends.

5thRound scores it: Philips, 10-9.

2ndRound: Sicilia lands a right and immediately secures a takedown near the fence. Phillips uses an armbar to sweep. After a crazy scramble, Sicilia jumps on his back but rides too high and Phillips escapes out the back door to take top position. Phillips slides into full mount, but Sicilia instantly reverses. He efficiently passes to side control. Now full mount. Phillips escapes Sicilia tries a neck crank. Sicilia remains on top, dropping occasional ground-and-pound.

5thRound scores it: Sicilia, 10-9.

3rdRound: Phillips throws a kick, but Sicilia jams him and scores a takedown. Sicilia lands a few big bombs. Phillips trying desperately to escape, though Sicilia is all over him like a wet blanket. Sicilia working his heavy hips. Phillips finally gets to his feet, but there’s only one minute left. Sicilia easily drags him to the mat again. Sicilia seems more than content with riding out a decision victory.

5thRound scores it: Sicilia, 10-9, and should rally to win, 29-28.

Vinc Pichel Defeats Anthony Njokuani via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

1stRound: Njokuani catches a finger in his left eye and time is called. Not the best way to start a fight. Game on. . Njokuani is promptly taken down. Njokuani works his way to the cage and wall walks to his feet. Pichel immediately clinches him against the fence. Njokuani now takes a knee to the cup and time is called again. Game on. Pichel quickly clinches again. It’s abundantly clear he wants no part of Njokuani’s striking.

5thRound scores it: Pichel, 10-9.

2ndRound: Pichel scores a takedown and has Njokuani pinned there for the opening two minutes. Njokuani gets free. Pichel wraps Njokuani up and slams him to the ground again. Njokuani is eating some heavy thunder. Pichel suplexes him to the canvas again. Njokuani gets back up midway through the round, but is dragged right back down. Not much damage inflicted by Pichel, but he was tossing his opponent around like a ragdoll.

5thRound scores it: Pichel, 10-9.

3rdRound: Pichel gets in deep on a single-leg and sends Njokuani back to the ground. Njokuani is able to fight free, but Pichel smothering him and scores another takedown. Njokuani lets out a scream in frustration. Pichel working for an arm-triangle choke, but lets go to take side control instead. He transitions to full mount.

5thRound scores it: Pichel, 10-9, and likely swept the cards, 30-27.

(Fox Soprts 1 8PM ET/5PM PT)

Mitch Clarke Defeats Al Iaquinta via Submission (D’arce Choke) at :57 in the 2ndRound

1stRound: Al Iaquinta drops him with a straight right and pounces. Clarke working for a kimura from off his back. Clarke landing elbows from the bottom. Al Iaquinta working hard to get to side control. Al Iaquinta starting to land some leather. Al Iaquinta is in complete control and Clarke hasn’t made a legitimate attempt of getting back up. Finally, with 30 seconds left in the frame Clarke gets back up. And then back down.

5thRound scores it: Al Iaquinta, 10-9.

2ndRound: Clarke charges forward, but gets planted on his back. Al Iaquinta is in side control, but Clarke slaps on a D’arce choke from his back. Al Iaquinta is unconscious. Wow. Talk about coming out of left field.

Chris Holdsworth Defeats Chico Camus via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: Camus doing a good job of closing the distance early by landing two rights. Holdsworth briefly drops him with a right hook. Holdsworth gets a body lock and pulls him to the ground. He moves to full mount. Camus fights him back to full guard and is managing to avoid eating damage.

5thRound scores it: Holdsworth, 10-9.

2ndRound: Standing knee by Holdsworth. Camus counters with a right hook. Holdsworth secures a takedown and transitions to full mount. Holdsworth goes for an arm-triangle choke, but Camus wiggles to his feet. Holdsworth plants him right back down and easily moves to full mount. Holdsworth takes his back and locks in a body triangle for good measure.

5thRound scores it: Holdsworth, 10-9.

3rdRound: Camus needs a miracle finish, so be better keep this standing. He tags Holdsworth with a one-two combination. Holdsworth takes him down and has four minutes to put in work. He lands some short elbows from the top. Camus is simply overmatched. Holdsworth is draped all over him. Camus gives up his back and is fighting off a rear-naked choke. There won’t be a finish here, but Holdsworth straight up dominated tonight.

5thRound scores it: Holdsworth, 10-9, and should cruise, 30-27.

Tony Ferguson Defeats Katsunori Kikuno via TKO (Punch) at 4:06 in the 1stRound

1stRound: Kikuno is lighting him up early. Ferguson responds with a body kick. Ferguson starting to find his groove. Kikuno appears hurt. Ferguson clobbers him with another right. Kikuno still appears to be out on his feet. Ferguson is giving him the business now. Kikuno is on the run, but gets slammed to the ground. Ferguson going for an armbar, then transitions to a D’arce choke. Kikuno gets to his feet. Ferguson floors him with a right. Kikuno’s dome bounces off the canvas a couple times. Game over.

Michael Chiesa Defeats Francisco Trinaldo via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

1stRound: Not much of anything from either fighter in the first two minutes. Chiesa stuffs a takedown attempt. Trinaldo hurts him with a knee to the midsection, it might have been low. Chiesa fails on a takedown and gets tagged with a right for his troubles. Chiesa finally scores a takedown. He takes full mount and is all over Trinaldo. This is close to getting stopped, but Trinaldo is avoiding a lot of these shots.

5thRound scores it: Chiesa, 10-9.

2ndRound: Chiesa eats a right hand. Trinaldo charges him and slaps on a guillotine choke. Chiesa escapes and is now on top. Risky move by Trinaldo that will cost him. Chiesa landing numerous short elbows. Trinaldo can’t get out from underneath.

5thRound scores it: Chiesa, 10-9.

3rdRound: Trinaldo better keep this fight standing, if he wants to have a chance. And just like that, Chiesa plants him on the ground. Pretty much the same stuff as in the second. Trinaldo attempts an armbar from off his back to no avail.

5thRound scores it: Chiesa, 10-9, and easily wins, 30-27.

Main Card:

(Pay-Per-View 10PM ET/7PM PT)

James Krause Defeats Jamie Varner via TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage – Broken Ankle) at 5:00 in the 1stRound

1stRound: Krause using kicks early to keep Varner at bay. Varner eats a kick to the face and two body shots. Varner looks down and loses balance and Krause pounces. Looks like there’s something wrong with Varner’s left foot. Varner gets back up and is limping. Varner gets a takedown, but is instantly reversed. Varner reverses and is laying the lumber. They separate and Varner is having serious trouble standing on his left leg. Varner collapses because of his leg and Krause jumps on his back. Varner is still game. There’s something serious wrong with Varner’s left leg.

5thRound scores it: Krause, 10-9.

Varner goes back to the corner and says his ankle is broken. The fight is called.

Takeya Mizugaki Defeats Francisco Rivera via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: River tags him with a left. They are throwing int he pocket. Mizugaki drops him with a punch and goes in for the kill. He’s laying the lumber on the ground. Rivera is holding on for dear life. Rivera gets to his feet, but is clinched against the cage. Rivera gets a brief takedown. Rivera trips him to the mat.

5thRound scores it: Mizugaki, 10-9.

2ndRound: Mizugaki eats a head kick. Rivera fends off a takedown and slaps on a guillotine choke in half-guard. He lets go of the lock and is now on the bottom. Mizugaki transitions to the back. Rivera did a nice job of fighting off a rear-naked choke for the last two minutes.

5thRound scores it: Mizugaki, 10-9.

3rdRound: Rivera likely needs a finish here. Mizugaki drops him with a straight right and falls on top. Rivera looks lethargic. Mizugaki doing just enough to keep this from getting stood up. Rivera is showing no sense of urgency. Referee stands them up with less than a minute to go. Rivera is swinging for the fences now.

5thRound scores it: Mizugaki, 10-9, and probably won, 29-28.

Robbie Lawler Defeats Jake Ellenberger via TKO (Punches) 3:06 in the 3rdRound

1stRound: Lawler lands two big unanswered leg kicks. And a kick to the body. Two minutes in and Ellenberger hasn’t thrown anything yet. Ellenberger looks really tentative, like he did against Rory MacDonald. Lawlers tags him with a counter right hook. Body shot by Ellenberger. Ellenberger sneaks in a jab, then eats a right for his troubles.

5thRound scores it: Lawler, 10-9.

2ndRound: Ellenberger connects with a right, but Lawler answers with a flurry. This is becoming a brawl, which favors Lawler. Ellenberger’s takedown gets stuffed. Ellenberger gets a body lock, but can’t complete a takedown. Ellenberger gets a takedown, but Lawler laughs it off as he easily gets back to his feet. Ellenberger with another takedown, but can’t keep him there for long. Lawler lands two knees to the body in the clinch.

5thRound scores it: Lawler, 10-9.

3rdRound: Ellenberger eats a knee to the midsection. Ellengerber is swinging for the fences. He clocks him with a right and Lawler looks dazed. Ellenberger may have hurt his right hand because he’s not flinging it like before. Lawler nails him with a big right to the eye that appeared to hurt Ellenberger. Lawler folds him over with a knee and pounces. After a couple bombs on the ground the fight is called.

Daniel Cormier Defeats Dan Henderson via Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:53 in the 3rdRound

1stRound: Yves Lavigne is the third man inside the cage. Cormer appears massive compared to Henderson, who only clocked 199 pounds at yesterday’s weigh-ins. Cormier easily tosses Henderson to the ground. He’s in side control in the center of the Octagon. Cormier is active, but not unleashing anything devastating. He’s working for full mount. Henderson used a leg lock attempt to get to his feet.

5thRound scores it: Cormier, 10-9.

2ndRound: Henderson comes out firing, but connects with only air. Cormier gets another takedown. Chances are, they will remain there for the rest of the round unless Lavigne stands them up. He moves to side control. Cormer is smothering him on the canvas. He momentarily takes full mount. Hendo just can’t get back up. Solid ground-and-pound by Cormier. Crowd boos as the bell rings.

5thRound scores it: Cormier, 10-9.

3rdRound: Cormier catches a kick and body slams him to the ground. Hendo tries to scramble free to no avail. Four minutes left in the fight, which will likely look just like the past two rounds. This is utter domination by Cormier. Henderson is gassed. He’s given up his back and is merely blocking punches at this point. Cormier locks in a rear-naked choke. It’s a wrap. Henderson is unconscious.

T.J. Dillashaw Defeats Renan Barao via TKO (Strikes) at 2:26 in the 5thRound (Dillashaw captures UFC bantamweight title)

1stRound: Herb Dean is the third man inside the octagon. Barao takes the center of the cage, but Dillashaw is throwing while circling from the outside. Dillashaw looks really loose. That’s good, considering he’s a heavy underdog and has nothing to lose. Dillashaw lands an uppercut. He follows up with a left. Barao counters with a big right hand. Dillawshaw drops him with a big right. He goes in for the kill, but Barao attempts a leg lock. Barao has to hold on for 20 more seconds. Dillashaw takes his back and is going for a rear-naked choke and neck crank. Barao survives.

5thRound scores it: Dillashaw, 10-9.

2ndRound: Barao comes out firing. Dillashaw continues to charge forward, but seems a bit careless in his attack. Blood trickling down the right side of Dillashaw’s face. Barao lands a body kick. Dillashaw takes a kick to the groin and time is called. Game on. Barao tags him with a right. Dillashaw answers with his own right. And another. Uppercut by Barao.

5thRound scores it: Dillashaw, 10-9.

3rdRound: Dillashaw is doing a great job of switching levels. He nails the champ with a head kick. Barao needs to turn it up, the only problem is he tends to slow down in the later rounds. Dillashaw still looks fresh and much quicker. Barao is in trouble. Barao looked to Dean as though he got poked in the eye, Dean ignores him and Dillashaw lands some bombs.

5thRound scores it: Dillashaw, 10-9.

4thRound: Head kick by Dillashaw. Barao eats a big left hand. Dillashaw hasn’t slowed on his hectic pace. Dillashaw has him clinched against the cage. Barao misses on a kick and slips. Dillashaw jumps on top. Big elbow by the challenger.

5thRound scores it: Dillashaw, 10-9.

5thRound: Dillashaw looks exactly like he did when the fight started. Barao appears confused and slow. Dillashaw clocks him with a nasty head kick. Barao is hurt and Dillashaw knows it. He’s giving him the business. Barao drops like a sack of potatoes. After a few bombs on the ground, Dean brings the assault to an end.

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