Chael Sonnen Suggests Jamie Varner Faked Ankle Injury at UFC 173 (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
May 25th, 2014

UFC Jamie Varner

While UFC president Dana White was busy praising Jamie Varner’s (pictured) “heart” for continuing to fight with what is believed to be a broken ankle at UFC 173, light heavyweight Chael Sonnen is essentially saying Varner has no heart because he probably faked the injury.

Sonnen made the remarks during Saturday’s post-fight show where he was serving as commentator.

“What we’re lead to believe is that Varner hurt his ankle in that last exchange,” Sonnen stated. “I’m not ready to tell the fans that, guys. That’s just not what I saw.

Every Jamie Varner fight seems to have a moment like this, where a picture is being painted very early on. We don’t see Jamie Varner in that many fights that just have a good, clean outcome.” 

Host Jay Glazer tried to come to Varner’s defense by stating the cageside doctor is the one who called his scrap against James Krause after the opening round.

“They have to when a fighter says, ‘I can’t continue,'” Sonnen countered.

Sonnen is likely referring to WEC 38 when Varner was defending his lightweight title against Donald Cerrone. “Cowboy” landed an illegal knee to Varner’s head while he was on the ground in the final round.

While some believe Varner should have been able to continue – clearly, Sonnen is in that group – the bout went to the scorecards and Varner took home a technical split decision (49–46, 47–48, 49–46) to retain his title.

Varner can easily post a pic of his X-ray to prove his ankle is broken to prove Sonnen wrong. Otherwise…

Please click the media player below to hear Sonnen’s comments:

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