Chael Sonnen Apologizes for Questioning Jamie Varner’s Ankle Injury at UFC 173

Written by Tom Ngo
May 29th, 2014

UFC Jamie Varner

As we all know full well, Chael P. Sonnen is a man of many words. Apparently, apologies are included in there somewhere.

Just three days after essentially accusing lightweight Jamie Varner (pictured) of faking an ankle injury during Saturday’s fight against James Krause at UFC 173, Sonnen told Varner he is sorry for questioning his broken ankle.

“respect to @SonnenCH for admitting he was wrong,” Varner tweeted late Wednesday night. “I appreciate the call & text. We have all said stupid things in the heat of the moment.”

Varner posted a screenshot of his text conversation with Sonnen:

Varner injured his ankle in the opening moments against Krause. While he continued to fight, falling on his face a few times because he didn’t have a solid foundation, Varner was forced to call it quits after the first round and Krause was awarded with a TKO victory.

“Two fractured bones and torn ligaments! I have to see a specialist next week. Thanks for the support,” Varner posted on his Twitter immediately after the defeat. 

About an hour later, Sonnen, who was serving as an analyst on Fox Sports 1’s UFC 173 post-fight show, roasted Varner.

“What we’re lead to believe is that Varner hurt his ankle in that last exchange,” Sonnen stated. “I’m not ready to tell the fans that, guys. That’s just not what I saw.

Every Jamie Varner fight seems to have a moment like this, where a picture is being painted very early on. We don’t see Jamie Varner in that many fights that just have a good, clean outcome.”

Yesterday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the governing body who oversaw Varner’s fight, issued him a 180-day medical suspension for his ankle. However, “C-4” can return to action sooner with a doctor’s note.

It takes a lot of courage to admit when you’re wrong. So, props to Sonnen for that.

However, he blasted Varner on national television by questioning his character. Shouldn’t a proper apology be made in the same manner?

If Varner wouldn’t have issued that tweet, which Sonnen was kind enough to re-tweet, nobody would even know Sonnen admitted wrongdoing.

Sonnen is a co-host on “UFC Tonight,” the promotion’s official weekly show on Fox Sports 1. He’ll have plenty of opportunity to apologize then, if he chooses.

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