Is BJ Penn Conditioned Enough For Diego Sanchez?

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 10th, 2009

During the “Countdown to UFC 107” on Spike TV, lightweight champ BJ Penn revealed that he is finally switching up his conditioning workouts. BJ is working out with new coaches who are working on his balance and flexibility which are already near the top in mixed martial arts.

Penn is said to be faster, and moving better then he ever has before, but has he really worked on his true weakness? Flexibility and speed will help him early, but as time goes on and the gas tank drains will that flexibility and speed continue?

Diego Sanchez will be on the opposite end of the Octagon and he’s also the polar opposite of Penn in the way that he attacks an opponent. Sanchez has definitely lived up to his “nightmarish” nickname with his relentless pace that he forces his opponent to deal with.

In one of his most devastating performances, he battered and bruised Clay Guida who was supposed to have a motor similar to his. The true test for Diego will be his chin, as BJ has overwhelming punching power and accuracy.

Conditioning will prove the best warrior at the end of this battle. The question remains, will BJ be able to work his amazing flexibility and take-down defense to get the submission on a fighter that he believes is inferior on the ground? Or, will Diego press the action and frustrate BJ into running out of gas?

The answer will come on December 12th in what promises to be a spectacular show.

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