Renan Barao ‘Probably’ Gets Automatic Rematch with T.J. Dillashaw

Written by Tom Ngo
June 13th, 2014

UFC Renan Barao

Well, I guess the UFC bantamweight division just isn’t that deep. Or, the UFC invested so much time and energy in pumping former 135-pound champ Renan Barao (pictured) as the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter before getting dominated by T.J. Dillashaw last month that they want a better return on their investment.

Either way, it appears Part II is right around the corner.

UFC president Dana White said Friday that Dillashaw’s first title defense will probably be against Barao.

“His next fight will probably be the Barao rematch,” White said of Dillashaw’s next opponent. “How do you not give it to Barao? The guy was undefeated all those years. I agree, he got a five-round ass whooping and got finished, but how does it make sense to not give him a rematch? And who doesn’t want to see it? I want to see it.”

White suggested an instant sequel was possible just minutes after Barao had his 32-fight, nine-year winning streak snapped by Dillashaw at UFC 173. However, he wasn’t sure at the time because their scrap was so lopsided.

Now that the dust has settled on their one-sided shootout, it appears White is more interested in arranging Dillashaw vs. Barao II than a less marketable fight like Dillashaw against Raphael Assuncao.

White didn’t say an immediate rematch was etched in stone, nor when it would go down if it comes to fruition.

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