Dana White Willing to Sign Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino, But Don’t Say He Didn’t Warn You

Written by Tom Ngo
July 6th, 2014

Cyborg Santos

Raise your hand if this immediately popped into your head after watching UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey dominate another opponent: Yeah, but let’s see if the UFC’s golden girl could do that to Cris “Cyborg” Justino (pictured).

I can’t see the billions of hands waiving frantically in the air from behind my computer screen, but I’ll assume they’re there.

UFC president Dana White has been reluctant to bring Justino on board because nobody, including her, knows if she can successfully make 135 pounds, and that Justino flunked one drug test for a performance-enhancing substance during her nine-year mixed martial arts career.

White has been accused of hiding behind those excuses so he can continue to protect Rousey from the only woman most believe can beat his biggest superstar.

After Rousey’s 16 second shellacking of Alexis Davis on Saturday at UFC 175, White finally seemed open to the idea of inking Justino. However, don’t say White didn’t warn you.

“You guys want me to sign her, is that what you’re saying?” White asked members of the press. “So you guys, the media, are telling me I should sign Cyborg? [Does] anybody here think I should not sign her? (Only one person in about 20 was against it).

“I just don’t want to hear your bulls*** if I do, because this s*** is gonna flip as soon as I sign her – about drug testing and all that other s***. Oh, that’s gonna be the biggest topic. It’s gonna be the biggest story to write on, whether she (is on PEDs). Oh my f****** God. The script will f****** flip immediately.”

So, it appears White is willing to sign Justino just so he can serve the entire MMA world an I-Told-You-So pie. Whatever, I’ll take it. I love dessert.

Although, White isn’t completely sold on Justino wanting to join the UFC – despite the fact the Brazilian has been publicly campaigning to join the big leagues for years just to beat Rousey.

“Just so you know, when we bought Strikeforce, we offered [Cyborg’s representatives] the exact same deal that we offered Ronda, and they turned it down,” White shared. “They turned their deal down. That’s what happened when we tried to sign her.”

For now, Justino is still Invicta FC’s featherweight champion and Rousey is still sitting on top of the MMA world as the game’s biggest mainstream star.

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