Dana White Upset War Machine Linked to UFC in Media Reports

Written by Tom Ngo
August 16th, 2014

UFC Dana White

War Machine is about to go on the defensive after U.S Marshals finally captured him Friday for allegedly beating girlfriend Christy Mack. UFC president Dana White (pictured) was already in his defensive stance yesterday when he addressed his former fighter’s assault charges.

Like everyone else, White thought the alleged attack was “horrible.” Unlike everyone else, White has significant skin in the game and is not pleased the mainstream media continues to label War Machine as a former UFC fighter – tainting the brand White has been relentlessly trying to polish for 13 years.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve been following it,” White said of the alleged beating and week-long man hunt for War Machine. “I saw what you guys saw. It’s crazy … It’s horrible, man. Horrible.

“And every time I gotta look and see, ‘Ex-UFC fighter’ when the stories are written. He fought twice [in the UFC], six years ago! He’s a current Bellator-Viacom fighter. I had my staff calling – these reporters are like, ‘We don’t know what Bellator is.’ I said, ‘Ya ever heard of Viacom?’ That’s who he fights for. He fights for Viacom, not the UFC.”

Actually, the second War Machine’s attack on Mack hit the news last Friday, he was promptly made an ex-Bellator-Viacom fighter.

War Machine emerged onto the UFC scene in late 2007 as a contestant on the sixth season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” He won half of his two bouts for the promotion before getting released after his submission loss to Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 84.

The troubled welterweight joined Bellator in June 2013, going 2-1 with the Viacom-backed promotion.

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