Georges St-Pierre Will Never Return to UFC, Unless…

Written by Tom Ngo
August 22nd, 2014

UFC Georges St Pierre

Georges St-Pierre (pictured) is currently rehabbing the torn ACL he suffered in his left knee in March, so the former UFC welterweight king isn’t even thinking about ending his premature retirement at this time. However, if one day GSP did decide to get back in the cage, he and his opponent would have to undergo the strictest of drug testing leading up to the fight.

“I will never fight again in MMA without my opponent and myself being thoroughly tested for the most advanced PEDs by a credible independent anti-doping organization like VADA or USADA under the strictest standards of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) Code,” St-Pierre told BloodyElbow.com. “A true martial artist must respect his opponent and fight clean.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time St-Pierre has addressed the (perceived) PED epidemic in mixed martial arts. The 33-year-old has suggested on multiple occasions that one of the reasons he walked away from the game that gave him fame and fortune was because he felt the sport was dirty.

Mark Bocek announced his retirement from MMA earlier this month and said the rampant use of PEDs was one of the reasons he bolted. Bocek thinks an astonishing 90 percent of MMA fighters are taking performance-enhancers of some kind.

That’s certainly not the first time a UFC athlete has thrown that percentage out there. Dong Hyun Kim, who fights Tyron Woodley tomorrow in Macau, recently agreed with that number. Krzysztof Soszynski, who also retired this month, thinks it could be as high as 95 percent, while Roy Nelson believes it’s around 70 percent.

Professional athletes will always look for a way to gain an edge, no matter what the sport. And cheaters will be cheating until the day they die. If MMA fans have learned nothing else in the past couple of months, it’s that random testing is the way to go.

In March, three months after St-Pierre announced he was relinquishing his welterweight title to take a “break” from MMA, UFC president Dana White said he knew for a fact his biggest pay-per-view draw would return to action. If that’s the case, then White better be preparing to ramp up his drug testing game.

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