Stephan Bonnar Admits Brawl with Tito Ortiz Planned

Written by Tom Ngo
September 8th, 2014

UFC Light Heavyweight Stephan Bonnar

Justin McCully hiding underneath a bag (I don’t think the mask was necessary)? Stephan Bonnar (pictured) speaking to the audience as though he’s giving a commencement speech?

I mean, Bonnar’s impromptu in-cage brawl with Tito Ortiz at Bellator 123 had “FAKE” written all of over it … in big, bold, you’ve-gotta-be-blind-to-miss-this letters.

Thankfully, Bonnar has admitted the WWE-esque behavior was all an act. The only thing is, despite the fact Ortiz is the one who turned things physical, only Bonnar and McCully were in on it.

“@titoortiz is a self absorbed ego maniac.The world needed 2 know.Tito, Coker, @BellatorMMA & @SpikeTV, didn’t know shit! It was all me & @JustinMcCullym,” Bonnar revealed on Twitter. “If u wanna hate us 4 pulling a pro wrestling esque promo off while calling tito out on the BS he’s pulled on people over the years..Then by all means, go buy yourself some punishment gear, a front row ticket, and be sure to bring a rain coat, cuz things r gonna get bloody.”

McCully is Ortiz’s former training partner and friend. I’m not sure when or why they had a falling out, but that seems to be the case with most people Ortiz has previously worked with. He’s supposed to reveal to Bonnar the secrets to beating Ortiz.

Ortiz has only won twice in his last 10 outings, so I’m not sure what kind of earth-shattering insight McCully can really offer.

Then again, Bonnar isn’t much better in ending his brief retirement having won just three of his last seven fights.

Ortiz and Bonnar headline Bellator 131 on November 15. Thankfully, it’s free on Spike TV.

Here’s the circus that went down last Friday:

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