Joe Lauzon Challenges Michael Chiesa to ‘Accept the Loss Like a Man, or…’

Written by Tom Ngo
September 9th, 2014

UFC Michael Chiesa

Someone can’t get over the sting of losing a fight because of a nasty eyebrow gash. Someone else has already put the opponent in his rear-view mirror.

If you don’t follow them on Twitter or Instagram, the first sentence refers to Michael Chiesa (pictured) and the latter is about Joe Lauzon.

Chiesa was livid after the cageside doctor decided the cut he suffered on his right eyebrow was too severe to continue competing at UFC Fight Night 50. He’s been clamoring all the livelong day for a rematch ever since.

Seriously, Chiesa has re-tweeted over 100 posts since Saturday of his fans calling for an immediate sequel between he and Lauzon.

Lauzon, meanwhile, has little to gain from facing an opponent he’s already beaten and is ready to move on. “J-Lau” posted the image below on his Instagram which shows all three judges awarding him the first round 10-9 before their tango was stopped in the second, a close-up of Chiesa’s cut along with the caption, “Rematches are dumb.”

Chiesa quickly caught wind of the message and responded with his own image where he’s still on the attack, despite the laceration above his eye, accompanied by Nick Diaz’s unforgettable line, “Don’t be scared homie.”

While Lauzon wrote on his computer that he doesn’t want to do it again, money talks in this world. After hearing Chiesa tell MMAJunkie Radio Monday that he would gladly give back his $50,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus check to complete their scrap, Lauzon changed course and said he’d gladly grant Chiesa a rematch if “Maverick” handed him his $50k.

“Accept the loss like a man, or the @UFC can send me your FoTN check and we do it again,” Lauzon wrote Tuesday morning on Instagram.

UFC president Dana White said he would love to see a rematch between the lightweights. However, White didn’t say if an immediate one was on the table. If Part II is eventually arranged, it will be interesting to see if Chiesa agrees to fork over his $50,000 check to Lauzon just for a shot at redemption.

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