Dana White: Ben Askren is the New Tito Ortiz

Written by Tom Ngo
September 11th, 2014

Ben Askren

What’s worse than having one Tito Ortiz? Having two – that is, if you were to ask UFC president Dana White.

According to White, ONE FC welterweight champion Ben Askren has emerged as the next Tito Ortiz because of his uncanny ability to irk White with his comments about the UFC. It’s a page ripped right out of “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” playbook.

“I thought Tito was the dumbest human being I ever met. This guy (Askren) is an absolute moron,” White on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight. “It’s almost like, you know, he gets it. He’s copying everything Tito does. Obviously you get lots of attention if you talk about the UFC and if you talk about how you don’t like me or whatever it is, you obviously get lots of attention. He stole that.

“Tito oughta sue him for stealing that one.”

Strangely, just 10 days ago White appeared to have softened his stance on bringing Askren to the UFC, despite their previous verbal exchanges. After catching wind of White’s about-face, Askren didn’t seem too interested with the olive branch and replied with a sarcastic tweet in which he called White “master.”

Askren doused more fuel onto the fire during last Friday’s controversial interview with AXS TV’s “Inside MMA” where he was once again critical of White and the UFC, and said he could still have a great fighting career even if he never took his talents to the octagon.

If that’s the case, White wishes Askren well and there’s no need to keep spewing his and the UFC’s name from his mouth.

“The reality is, he claims this is where he wants to fight, but the kid won’t shut his mouth,” White said. “And if he’s that happy over in Asia, and that organization is doing so well, then what the hell is he talking about me for? If your life’s so great and you love where you’re fighting, and that Asian organization is just growing leaps and bounds by the day, then it sounds like everything’s going great and going your way – then why are you talking about me and why are you concerned with what’s going on with the UFC? Do your thing.”

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