UFC Terminates Thiago Silva’s Contract … Again

Written by Tom Ngo
September 19th, 2014

UFC Thiago Silva

Less than 10 days ago, UFC president Dana White said the reason he reinstated Thiago Silva (pictured) after firing him seven months prior for allegedly assaulting his wife with a gun was because the charges were dropped and he knew “a lot more of the story and what went on” than the general public.

Well, apparently White didn’t know everything. Nor did he see or hear everything.

The UFC has once again terminated Silva’s contract after discovering additional information involving the incident with his wife.

“Thiago Silva was released from his UFC contract on Feb. 7 due to his arrest by police in South Florida,” the UFC expressed in a statement. “The charges against Silva were dropped by the Broward County District Attorney’s office and Silva was re-signed to the UFC earlier this month. Based on new information received today in the form of video and audio evidence, Silva has been terminated from his UFC contract.”

Silva was arrested in February after allegedly pulling a gun on his wife, Thaysa Kamiji Silva, at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Silva then fled to his nearby home and barricaded himself inside while police and SWAT set up a perimeter around his house. After a standoff with officers that lasted a few hours, Silva eventually surrendered without incident.

While handcuffed in the back of the police car, Silva told a reporter that he did not pull a gun on his wife. However, he revealed his wife was going after his money and house.

At the time, White prematurely professed Silva would “never fight in the UFC again.”

Earlier this month, the charges were dropped because his wife was “uncooperative” with law enforcement. It was reported that she left the country and couldn’t assist in their investigation.

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