No UFC Hall of Fame for Wanderlei, Silva Couldn’t Care Less

Written by Tom Ngo
September 26th, 2014

UFC Middleweight Wanderlei Silva

If Stephan Bonnar, arguably the worst cheat the UFC has ever known, and Wanderlei Silva (pictured) ever got into an argument, Bonnar would hold the ultimate trump card.

“Well, at least I’m in the UFC Hall of Fame.”

Speaking of cheating, Silva retired from MMA earlier this month after realizing he was fighting a losing battle with the Nevada Athletic Commission when the 18-year veteran decided to run from May’s random drug test. Silva later revealed that he was taking diuretics, which are commonly classified as a banned substance due to their use as a masking agent to prevent detection of other illegal substances.

Silva proceeded to trash the UFC on his way out, blasting them for their disrespect, low pay, taking away his will to fight, turning his legion of fans against him, etc.

While Silva continues to bash his former bosses in his YouTube videos, it’s a completely different tune he was singing to them in person.

“Lorenzo [Fertitta] was just saying this morning — every f–king time you and I have ever seen Wanderlei Silva in our life he’s over the top, ‘You guys are the best, you’ve built this sport, I don’t know where any of us would be if it wasn’t for you’. Nothing but positive things to say. Then now he’s in this situation and he’s trying to build a smoke screen. I don’t blame him. I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I was in his position. It’s part of this business,” UFC president Dana White told FoxSports.com.

“Nobody has ever run from a drug test before. I didn’t see a lifetime ban coming. Nobody will let him fight. He’s in a very serious situation, but Wanderlei’s at the end of his career. He was going to fight one more fight and retire. It’s not like this is some 22 year old kid. He said, ‘I got one more fight boss, one more big fight’ and he was done. He also told me he thought we were the greatest guys in the world and we helped build the sport so maybe he didn’t mean that, either.”

Prior to rejoining the UFC in 2007, Silva was regarded by many pundits as the best 205-pounder in MMA while running things in Pride FC. Although “The Axe Murderer” went a meager 4-5 during his final run in the octagon, some thought he might get a UFC Hall of Fame induction based on his overall contributions to the sport – particularly since the UFC bought out Pride FC.

“There’s going to be no Hall of Fame. The guy’s been Pete Rose’d,” White said of Silva. “There’s going to be no Hall of Fame offers.”

Well, that’s fine because Silva would set the invitation on fire if it ever hit his mailbox.

“I don’t need it (a Hall of Fame induction),” Silva told Brazil’s Combate.com. “A Hall of Fame is made by the fans. I don’t want anything from this promotion. If they want to give me, I won’t accept. My Hall of Fame is my fans.”

On Tuesday, the NAC issues Silva a lifetime ban and docked him $70,000 for ducking their surprise drug test.

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