Josh Burkman Suggests He Threw Fight to Steve Carl to Get Out of WSOF Contract

Written by Tom Ngo
October 5th, 2014

WSOF Josh Burkman

Josh Burkman (pictured) has just committed the ultimate no-no. Not only did the veteran throw a fight, but he’s now admitting to the MMA world that he did so.

That, or Ben Askren really got under Burkman’s skin and he panicked and thumbed out the first thing that came to his mind on Twitter.

Askren, who was denied entry into the UFC after getting released by Bellator MMA last November, was baffled the UFC re-signed Burkman after getting submitted by Steve Carl at WSOF 6 for the welterweight title. Then he gets assigned to Hector Lombard, one of the hottest fighters in the division, in his first bout back.

“Get beat up by Steve Carl then get to fight the #3 guy in the world. Makes perfect sense : ) #ufclogic,” Askren tweeted.

“@Benaskren Evrybdy knws I lost that fight to get out of my contract. No 1 releases champions. Only one belt counts, that’s why ur bitter ; )” Burkman responded.

If Burkman indeed threw the fight, he really sold it well. Carl didn’t finish him until the fourth round, and he did so by choking Burkman unconscious. Granted, Burkman tapped to the triangle and the referee ignored it, but the scrap still nearly went the distance despite Burkman trying to intentionally lose.

Burkman will likely argue that he did what’s best for his family because the UFC was open to bringing him back for more/consistent money, but hearing a professional athlete deliberately losing is disheartening.

Who’s to say he won’t do it again, for whatever reason?

Eddie Alvarez could have easily thrown his sequel to then-Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler to get out of his contract, one he was bitterly trying to escape from in the courtroom for the eight months prior, but he chose pride over pay and beat Chandler to reclaim his belt.

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