UFC’s Mike Goldberg Apologizes After Getting Pulled by FOX for NFL Game

Written by Tom Ngo
October 14th, 2014

Wanna know a perfect example of why the UFC is still light years away from becoming a mainstream sport? Longtime UFC commentator Mike Goldberg (pictured) blasted a few fans on Twitter for their harsh criticism of his sub-par play-by-play work after a recent job.

If he would have returned fire after a UFC show using the same vulgar language, nobody in the MMA would have given it a second thought. However, Goldberg did it after working Sunday’s NFL on FOX game between the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, his NFL debut behind the mic.

Goldberg used words like “douche” and “f**k you” in response to some keyboard warriors.

Because of his indiscretions on the social media site, Goldberg has been pulled from this Sunday’s Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills game.

“I just want to apologize to everyone at FOX and elsewhere for my momentary lapse of reason Sunday night,” Goldberg posted on his verified Twitter account Tuesday. “I let some mean-spirited folks on twitter get to me and I should have had thicker skin instead of reacting so quickly and emotionally. I don’t want to be a distraction on the upcoming broadcast Sunday, so we mutually agreed that it would be best to sit this next one out.

“I’m not happy about it personally but, professionally, it’s the right thing to do after my mistake. Thank you to FOX and to others who have been so great to me and understanding.”

Brendon Ayanbadejo will now work alongside Tim Brando for Sunday’s Vikings-Bills game.

Goldberg will return to his day job October 25 for UFC 179 in Brazil.

Here’s some classic Goldberg PBP from the octagon to hold you over until then:

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