Cung Le Upset UFC Offered No Apology for Erroneous Failed Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
October 23rd, 2014

UFC Cung Le

What does one do if they somehow manage to put the toothpaste back in the tube? At lest offer up an apology, if you ask UFC middleweight Cung Le (pictured).

For the first time since the UFC rescinded their yearlong suspension of Le after reporting he tested positive for Human Growth Hormone (hGH) in his August 23 TKO defeat to Michael Bisping, Le is addressing the UFC’s major faux pas.

Despite his revamped physique at the age of 42, Le has vehemently denied from the jump that he used any performance-enhancing drugs, despite what the UFC’s Hong Kong drug testing company claims.

On Tuesday, the UFC admitted there were critical errors made by the organization they hired to conduct drug testing for their card in Macau, China. However, their statement left out a minor little “I’m sorry” to Le, and Le is none too pleased about it.

Because the bout took place in China where there’s no governing body for MMA, the UFC sanctioned the event. They hired a third-party company to collect blood and urine samples to conduct the drug screenings.

Here is Le’s complete statement:

“I am extremely happy with the UFC’s decision to rescind my suspension. I believe the issues raised in regards to the testing procedures, as well as the manner in which the results were determined by the UFC, clearly support my assertion that I did not use any performance enhancing drugs. I am also happy to take away the fact that the UFC has decided to make the proper changes in their testing procedures, which will now ensure that no athlete will ever have to endure the same hardship.

“While I feel vindicated in this matter, the UFC’s press release does little in the way of an apology of which I believe I am rightly owed after unfairly enduring the public’s scrutiny. Their decision to announce me as a user of performance enhancing drugs with little thought to the accuracy of the testing or proper procedures has caused my family and I great pain that we have now come to know was completely unnecessary had the proper care been taken to ensure my test results were in fact valid proof of impropriety.

“I would like to thank all of the people who supported me throughout this extremely trying time, the people and fans who have always supported me and also the people who reserved judgement until all of the facts of this matter were disclosed. I would also like to thank my MMA manager Gary Ibarra of the AMR Group and their attorney, Steve Pacitti, for their tireless work to prove my innocence, my wife and children for standing by me all the way and the multitude of journalists and fans who refused to allow this wrong to go unchecked.”

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