Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith Steals Win from Cung Le at “Strikeforce: Evolution”

Written by Tom Ngo
December 20th, 2009

It never seems to get old, and at “Strikeforce: Evolution” on Saturday night Scott Smith once again came back from the brink of defeat to capture a dramatic KO win. This time, it came against former middleweight champ Cung Le inside the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA.

“That was so much fun,” Smith said. “That’s how I like to fight. I’ve got a hard head. He beat on me for a good two and a half rounds. I’m never out of a fight, you guys; that’s why I’m fun to watch. I know I may not be in line for the belt. I just want these tough fights.”

To say that Le “beat on” him for most of the scrap would be an understatement. Most would have considered it an old fashioned thrashin’. Actually, that may not even do it justice as the kickboxer was humiliating Smith, knocking him down with one circus kick after another.

Side kick to the midsection, roundhouse to the dome, spinning heel kick to the throat, etc.

You name it, Le landed it … time and time again. It was ridiculous, if not comical.

However, Smith was the one laughing last as he continued to press forward, Rocky Balboa-style, until he dropped Le with a short left hook midway through the final stanza. In true “Hand of Steel” fashion, Smith pounced on the stunned movie star and went in for the kill.

Although Le tried valiantly to get away from Smith’s attack, a vicious right at 3:25 sent him to the canvas one last time, handing Le his first professional MMA loss.

“He caught me with a punch,” a disappointed Le said after the contest. “He was the better man tonight. I fought my heart out; he fought his heart out. You win some; you lose some. I did my best.”

This isn’t the first time Smith has pulled off a miraculous come-from-behind W. He pulled off similar theatrics against Pete Sell and Benji Radach as well.

Due to Le’s aspirations of taking over Hollywood, Saturday night’s tango was his first mixed martial arts fight in almost 21 months, and his first since voluntarily relinquishing his Strikeforce title last month.

Will his only MMA loss also be his last fight?

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