Dana White Done with Infamous Media Scrums

Written by Tom Ngo
November 19th, 2014

UFC President Dana White

Damn you, non-credible media, always gotta ruin things for the rest of us. Thanks to unnamed MMA media outlets, UFC president Dana White (pictured) says he’s stopped conducting his infamous pre- and post-fight media scrums because they spin his words in order to create a story that will generate clicks.

“It got to the point where I would do these scrums with these media guys for an hour, sometimes more, and you’d get these websites who would go in and just take bits and pieces and take a lot of it out of context,” White said on TSN’s ‘OTR.’ “So, I just stopped doing it. What I’d rather do is talk to credible media sources, do an interview and have the right story go out.”

One of the best things about UFC press conferences were White’s scrums. He would candidly answers the media’s hard-hitting questions about MMA’s hottest stories, not just questions for the specific event the UFC was promoting that day.

Although the pressers would feature White and the stars of their upcoming show, White’s scrums provided the hardcore MMA fans with the goods they desperately needed answers for.

Unfortunately, it appears that special time with White has come to an end. Now we all have to settle for softball questions and answers at the pressers the UFC uses to promote their forthcoming events (“So, how happy are you to be back in [place city here]?”).

Thanks, non-credible MMA media. Thanks for nothing…

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