Nate Diaz Not Pleased with UFC’s Reebok Deal

Written by Tom Ngo
December 3rd, 2014

Nate Diaz UFC

So, Nate Diaz (pictured). Tell us how you really feel about the UFC’s new uniform deal with Reebok.

Shortly after Tuesday’s announcement that the UFC had inked a six-year agreement with Reebok to be the exclusive apparel provider for its fighters inside the octagon, thus prohibiting its athletes from landing sponsorship dollars from any other companies while competing in the cage, Diaz expressed his … disappointment.

“Here’s for your Bitchass uniforms..

Six hours later Diaz claimed his phone was hacked.

“Oh shit my phone was hacked today,” Diaz posted, presumably with a sarcastic connotation because he previously criticized other fighters who played the “hacked” card after they posted controversial things on social media.

Diaz hasn’t been shy about wanting to make as much money as possible – whether it’s directly from the UFC or through sponsorships.

The UFC’s new arrangement with Reebok, which kicks in on July 6, will pay fighters on a tiered system based on their ranking. Fighters can also earn 20 percent for merchandise that dons their likeness.

Champions negotiate their own deals with Reebok.

The arrangement will benefit most of the preliminary card fighters who have had difficulty securing ancillary income due to the UFC’s hefty $100,000 sponsorship tax, but it remains to be seen how this will affect the company’s non-champions like Diaz.

Another cause for concern for Diaz is that he is currently ranked 14th in the UFC’s lightweight division. He was removed from the list of eligible fighters the media could vote on in May because he reportedly kept turning down bouts because he wanted to renegotiate his contract.

He was ranked sixth at the time of his eviction.

If the UFC’s sponsorship deal started today, Diaz would receive one of the smallest checks Reebok offers UFC fighters.

Diaz finally returns to action December 13 against Rafael dos Anjos.

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