Jon Jones Still Not Pleased with UFC 182 Promos

Written by Tom Ngo
December 18th, 2014

UFC Jon Jones

Reigning light heavyweight king Jon Jones (pictured) is not liking the direction his bosses are headed with their UFC 182 video promos. Specifically, Jones isn’t digging how he’s being portrayed.

Earlier this month, Jones questioned why the UFC would use footage of his impromptu brawl with Daniel Cormier inside the MGM Grand lobby to promote their January 3 showdown, particularly when he and Cormier were fined and heavily criticized because their behavior was “bad for the sport of MMA.”

“I’m confused, was the brawl between dc and I good for the sport or bad for the sport? #UFCpromo,” Jones tweeted shortly after the clip aired during the live UFC 181 broadcast.

Now, Jones is taking exception to the UFC using the heated conversation he had with Cormier while the two weren’t aware the cameras weren’t rolling to hype UFC 182:

Cormier: I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your f****** face.

Jones: You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right?

Cormier: You could never kill me.

Jones: Oh, I bet you I could.

Cormier: Then you should try, Jon. You really should try, Jon.

Jones: I will literally kill you if you spit in my face. Literally kill you.

Cormier: Let’s try that, Jon.

Jones: I’m not saying I would fight you. I said I would kill you if you do some silly s*** like that.

Jones voiced his displeasure with the angle the UFC is using to promote their highly anticipated scrap on this week’s edition of “UFC Tonight.”

“At first I was a little offended that the UFC would post something like that,” Jones stated. “I don’t think it’s healthy for the general public to see the UFC champion say they’re going to kill someone. I don’t think it’s really in my best interest. But it’s in the UFC’s best interest. So I kind of had to swallow my pride. I said it.”

The rumble wasn’t the best look for the sport, and neither is being recorded threatening to “literally kill” someone. However, this is the fight BUSINESS and that type of pre-fight hoopla is pure gold.

Jones will thank the UFC after he cashes his hefty pay-per-view check.

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