Matt Hughes Says Strikeforce Won’t Be Around For Long

Written by Tim Ngo
December 22nd, 2009

We don’t think anybody is shocked that former the UFC welterweight champion is backing his company in what is currently a two-horse race for MMA supremacy. There’s no doubt that the UFC has a nearly insurmountable lead over Strikeforce, but last Saturday’s “Strikeforce: Evolution” event showed a lot of promise.

Although everyone we’ve spoken to about Strikeforce’s last effort was pleased with what they saw, they can’t continually put together cards with only 7 fights and expect people to attend.

SI’s Josh Gross mentioned on his Twitter account that there was TONS of empty seats when the show started, not a great sign considering Strikeforce normally fares extremely well when Cung Le is featured in his hometown of San Jose.

“I guess I’m just spoiled being with the UFC. From what I understand, Showtime really likes to stick their nose in Strikeforce’s business and because of that I don’t think that Strikeforce will be around for much longer,” Hughes wrote on his website.

Maybe he’s just upset because his guy Robbie Lawler didn’t get the chance to fight after two of his opponents pulled out due to injuries, but he may also be right.

Stirkeforce has invested a lot of money in signing Dan Henderson, Bobby Lashley and Fedor Emelianenko but the question is can they bring in more money than what the promotion is paying them?

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