Jon Jones Might Be Fake, And He Doesn’t Care

Written by Tom Ngo
December 29th, 2014

UFC Jon Jones

Despite becoming the youngest champion in UFC history at 23, which he parlayed into being the most decorated light heavyweight champ the promotion has ever known, Jon Jones (pictured) has never been a fan favorite. In fact, he’s arguably the most hated title holder the UFC has ever had.

Keyboard warriors claim he’s arrogant, cocky, full of himself and mostly, fake.

The latest case of Jones coming under the fake fire was when he told archenemy Daniel Cormier, who he defends his throne against Saturday at UFC 182, that he would “literally kill” Cormier if he dared to spit in his face. Jones made the threat when he thought the cameras weren’t rolling.

Conversely, when the cameras are on, Jones presents himself as a Christian. He even has Philippians 4:13, a bible verse signifying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” plastered across his chest.

Well, guess what? Jones admits that he could be fake. And guess what? “Bones” couldn’t care less.

“I just learned to let go,” Jones said on Monday’s UFC 182 conference call of the constant backlash he receives. “When I read my comments on Twitter and Instagram, I realize I really do inspire people and touch people and people really do appreciate who I am as a martial artist.

“Then when I read some of the negative messages, it’s always so dumb. It’s like, ‘Dude, you’re fake.’ I’ve been hearing that I’m fake for so many years. It’s like, who cares if I’m fake? I win fights. That’s what I’m here to do. I’m not here to win you over with my personality. I’m here to fight. That’s ultimately my job.”

The strange thing is, people usually like a winner. For some reason, that hasn’t been the case for Jones. Despite his young age, Jones has taken it all the dislike in stride.

“I’ve learned to kind of laugh at it,” Jones shared. “I’m just waiting for the person to hate me who gives me a legit answer or reason and no one has ever really given me anything solid. What are we in high school? I’m a grown man. You can’t call my work ethic fake and my wins fake. I just find it funny.

“If that’s the best thing you got on me, you sound like a girl calling me fake.”

The fighter fans love to hate returns to action Saturday in Las Vegas. Here’s guessing it will be a pro-Cormier crowd.

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