Jon Jones Embracing the Heel After Dominating Daniel Cormier at UFC 182

Written by Tom Ngo
January 4th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

And still, the most hated champion in UFC history … Jon “Bones” Jones (pictured)!

Despite posting his 12th consecutive victory by beating archenemy Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, with his last eight scraps being of the title defense variety, Jones can still do no right by fans.

After dominating Cormier for the better part of 25 minutes in a lopsided unanimous decision victory on Saturday, Jones received a chorus of boos when he made the “suck it” gesture towards Cormier after the closing bell.

Jones claims it was because Cormier threw some punches after the final horn had blared.

“I threw my last punches before the bell rang. He threw his last punches after the bell rang,” Jones said. “So, once I saw him almost hit [referee] Herb Dean in the face trying to get after-the-bell punches, that’s why I gave him the ‘suck it’ sign, because the respect just wasn’t there. 

“I don’t like Daniel Cormier. I don’t respect Daniel Cormier. I hope he’s somewhere crying right now. I’m sure he is. I can’t wait until he earns his way back to the title, so I can whop him again.”

But only the folks at home heard those heated words on the Fox Sports 1 post-fight show, long after the MGM Grand Garden Arena had emptied. Everyone heard what Jones unleashed during his in-cage octagon interview with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

“For everybody who bought a ‘Break Bones’ shirt, take it back now! You wasted your money,” an emotional Jones stated of Cormier’s signature t-shirts. “See what this shirt says? Hi, Reebok. It says ‘Unbroken,’ baby. This team is unbroken. Let’s go, baby. And still.

“All this crap he talked, it motivated me. I took him down, I think five takedowns to zero. I’m sorry that I’m being classless right now. I do not like DC and this is why I’m being this way.”

At the post-fight press conference with a classy Cormier in tears sitting just feet away congratulating Jones for being the better fighter, Jones continued to be the worse man when asked if he had any sympathy for Cormier.

“I know if he would have won, he would have been up here talking all types of trash,” Jones said. “So I don’t feel sorry for him. This is combat.”

Oh, and there was this Vine after the presser wrapped:

Sure, Jones admittedly wasn’t the classiest in victory. However, after schooling Cormier at his own game, fans finally got what they have been bashing Jones for all along – authenticity.

It might not have been what people wanted to hear, but at least it was real. Real emotion, excitement, anger, relief and jubilation from a 27-year-old who appears to be perfectly comfortable in his own skin.

Jones doesn’t care if you hate him for being “fake.” He’s made that abundantly clear. He’s here to become the game’s GOAT, and if he isn’t already there, then he’s on the doorstep pounding on the cage door.

Sure, Jones may never become what you want him to be, but he’s the best at what he does, and that’s exactly what he wants to be.

And still…

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