Not Fine with “King Mo”

Written by Tom Ngo
December 23rd, 2009

Without a doubt, Saturday night at “Strikeforce: Evolution” was the crowing moment in Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal’s young, yet skyrocketing, MMA career. Unfortunately, Monday had to roll around and he was hit with a fine from the California State Athletic Commission for his Stone Cold Steve Austin rendition following his 1stRound knockout of Mike Whitehead. King Mo was shocked the CSAC would be so greedy during the holiday season, especially since he didn’t know he couldn’t do it.

“Someone told me, ‘You got fined.’ I was like what? Fined by who?” Lawal told Fanhouse of the Commission’s decision to dock his pay.

In case you missed it, after slapping Whitehead silly, Lawal was handed two energy drink cans (we won’t say which company it was as this “premeditated” controversy has gotten them more pub than Tiger Woods … well, not quite) and proceeded to shake them up so they would explode when opened.

King Mo then dumped the drinks over his head as if he were poppin’ bottles to celebrate a championship win, Lakers-style. He was seen doing it twice on camera, both times being told by a CSAC official to stop as his energy drinks spilled onto the mat.

You can clearly understand why the Commission doesn’t want a slippery canvas when there were still matches to be fought, but Lawal states that nobody informed him of proper MMA celebratory etiquette, so he just did what came natural.

“I didn’t know that you can’t jump on the cage anymore. I had no idea,” he said about his attempt to sip the sugar water on the cage. “I tried to, but they were like, ‘Get down! Get down!’ So I got down, and the guy beside me was like, ‘Calm down,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I am. I’m going to go to my corner real quick, I’m going to get some towels and do it over a towel.'”

Word on the street was that Lawal had mapped his celebration out a long time ago, Chad Ocho Cinco-style. It was a great way for him to distinguish himself and make a splash in his U.S. debut (pun intended), while garnering notoriety for the crack-in-a-can company that pays him.

Not the most strategic of gameplans, but it appears to have worked. But here’s the kicker, Lawal claims that he isn’t getting paid jack from Rockstar (oops, did that just slip?), and was simply reciprocating the love they have always shown him.

“I’m not sponsored by Rockstar,” Lawal added. “The thing is; I couldn’t have any other beverage in the ring. If I could have, I would have had Pepsi. But Rockstar is cool, they are the sponsor for Strikeforce. I have a lot of respect for Strikeforce so I just did it. Why not? I was just out there having fun.”

It probably wasn’t much fun when he got the call that he’d been tagged 10% of his $10,000-show purse for his stunt. However, the Commission wasn’t completely heartless this Christmas week as they didn’t touch his $10k win bonus.

So that would make his donation to the Commission $1,000, right math majors???

Kinda sucks for King Mo, but it’s hard to believe Rockstar won’t reimburse him the cheddar. If not, sponsor the man for Christ’s sake. He’s earned it.

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